What is Master Chief's IQ?

I always wondered what Master Chief’s IQ was—how intellectually smart he is. Before his augmentations, John had to learn all of the UNSC’s military history, study strategy, advanced mathematics, and even chess (it was mentioned how he never loss in chess). During the augmentations, Chief received a significant increase in intelligence, creativity, and memory. Afterwards, Spartan-2s were the equivalent to ONI Honor Graduates at the age of 14.

So what’s your deduction on Master Chief’s IQ? I’d say it’s anyway between 140–160.


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> 117

Considering all of the facts we have, an IQ of 117 is pretty low. Still, I get the joke.

He was a top tier human with the best genetics and who knows what from the librarian… so… High… very high.

John-117 IQ wasn’t necessarily the highest in the knowledge department, at least by Spartan standards, however, his merit was in his reactions and suitable stress acknowledgement of different scenarios. Making him a grand tactician and deadly adversary.

Don’t know John’s. but Halsey has stated during the selection stage they all have above average IQ. Kurt tested at a 158IQ at 6y/o so I would assume some where around that score.