What is happening to my xp?

So I have reached SR70 and as amazon.co.uk lied about how many limited editions they had, I live in the UK so didn’t get a code for playing to game when it came out and I haven’t won a code yet. What is happening to my XP.

Is it being added on? Or will I have to earn it when the rest of the specialisations or released for the rest of us, as some of the challenges will be unlocked soon (e.g DMR master) and that’s a lot of xp that could be used if I knew when the next specialisations are available!

I never got xp points when i was stuck on 70. Sucks because im a 81 now and i should be around 93. Kinda annoying i got screwed out of all those points

Try going into Game and asking for Ltd Ed if u want one as i know the one i work at has about 7 LTD ED’s left. IF you just want an answer microsoft should of sent a code to your email if you played online in first couple of weeks for a Specialisation code.