What is Halo's future?

Not to create a negative post or anything like that. That has been done numerous times and what has been said has been stated. With season 2 being prolonged and with minimal information going on, I can’t help but conclude that Halo’s future is in jeopardy. Development hell, employees leaving, delays, troubling new engine, as well as this game supposed to last 10 years, I just see this entire IP shutdown for a while, maybe indefinitely.

When Infinite experienced a player drop, Bonnie mentioned about a broader audience. It is clear as day that the classic fans moved on and vast majority of players now are the die hards, Reach fans or the small and dedicated fans since 343 took over. The fact that no future installment is planned, no stability at 343, BF 2042 is gaining momentum and may eventually eclipse Infinite on the Xbox platform despite a historically bad launch, this seems like the end.

It makes sense why there are so many mods recently and the remaining passionate fans are fetching their ideas in existing games, some even making entirely new games from scratch. Maybe this is a new era where now the fans have to carry and guide the series, this includes Forge for Halo Infinite. Until then I don’t see anything happening (which I blame XBOX for mismanaging this IP. 343 is just the scapegoat).


Infinite is Halo’s future and this is supposedly the vison 343 had for the franchise all along, otherwise they would have made it differently. It’s unfortunate that Infinite is just another easy-to-forget, free to play game filled to the brim with pointless cosmetic microtransactions for a very specifically limited customization system. They still haven’t even spoken about new Campaign content and mission select is still not here. Playlists and new multiplayer content can only be added after weeks and months of work because they purposely designed a limited UI or so it seems. New game modes and new map content will have to wait until some random player creates it for free in Forge on their own free time lol all the while 343/Microsoft reaps all the monetary benefits from these Forger’s hard work.

Yup, I think this is the future of Halo from now on, but hey! at least it can’t get any worse… right? lol

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There is no future for this franchise. They would’ve done best to have just let it rest a bit after reach and then jumped back in. But money talks and that’s all they care about over at Microsoft.

Another halo release would be likely shunned by the gaming community unless it was something truly unique and awe-inspiring. But I highly doubt they would do anything like that.

Forge will be cool. But without a dedicated custom browser and with the custom section of the game being utterly broken; I just don’t see how forge will do much of anything for the community and this title.

Yeah, I made a cool map. Too bad nobody can enjoy it with me because customs is a mess still and there’s no dedicated custom browser. Smh.


It’ll be fine in the end.

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A rocky and frustrating start.

But the core game play is fantastic.

And Forge will be here in less that a month. And that looks INCREDIBLE.

If they can bed that down and then hit Season 3 in March with new maps, a custom game browser, a proper XP rank, and a desync fix…

I concede that is a lot of if’s… but the potential for a solid future is there.


honestly the stuff about Halo moving to a new engine is the nail in the coffin for me. I don’t think a team dedicated to a specific team would change engine without intention to either abandon it or prepare to move on.
All I can say is that I hope I get to keep my Armor from halo infinite and use it in whatever game is next.

You’re obviously welcome to decide what is, or isn’t, the last straw for you.

It’s a personal choice.

But why would you choose to go out on a rumour? And a tenuously speculative one at that…

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Gotta’ say.

Every time someone says this kinda’ garbo, it reassures me I’m doing everything right.

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what I mean by that statement is this. at the moment, it is just speculation and discussion. however, I was optimistic for infinite until this leak has come out.
I am willing to wait, however if the game does change to a different engine, without fixing the issues with infinite, I do not think I will stay around for another Halo title.


Well yea, I only come here to see posts and updates, I don’t play Halo anymore, there are tons of other games out there.

Halo right now is in a very bad shape, I don’t think this game will recover until 2024 or so.

Nevertheless, Halo is owned by Microsoft so it can be revived later if they want too.

Give me an ankmated alpha nine series cowritten by joe stat and troy dennings.

Music created by marty and something new.
Maybe austin wintory or jason graves.

With oats as production house and a big budget.

Thats a future I can invest in.

If the future is seasons like 343i continues to push and express with excitement and hope, I’ve got faith, but they’ve got to meet deadlines and that’s always subject to change. Forge coming out will give some positive momentum for sure for the game because that’ll allow the community to build and come together. We still need a file share, custom game browse, regional selection, a proper custom game feature and an overhaul of theater. Oh and definitely split screen co-op campaign still. Features that should’ve been released day one.

A 40v40 mode like star wars battlefront 2 :sunglasses::pinched_fingers::rofl::rofl::hot_face::hot_face: