What is Halo 3`s current condition?

By that I mean is the game full of cheaters and hackers? I have heard of boosters and derankers and they are probably still there and they do not really concern me. I want to know if there are any people who manipulate the game to win via lag and/or mods. I have even heard of people getting kicked offline before. I do not know if any of these things are true and I would like to hear you guys out. I just want to know if MM still playable and not possibly a threat to my account if I ever decide to go back to Halo 3 for a day or two. Thanks.

Nope its perfectly safe and still fun!

Halo 3 is as good as it can be right now.
I have yet to run into a hacker (although with the bad netcode you may encounter some lag).

the host issues are compounded now because the population is pretty low, but its still great fun to play.

You can actually find a game in BTB now.

Only ever ran into one hacker and that was because of chronic aimbot, besides that one incident, never had a problem

Still got a population of 2600 players, no hackers. Still an awesome game, Someone should organize a massive Halo 3 Game Day so old players can relive them.

I don’t come across many cheaters. I came across a host booter last week who apparently host booted my team because someone on my team was trying to host boot him but idk.

> You can actually find a game in BTB now.

Are you serious? That’s… amazing.

> > You can actually find a game in BTB now.
> Are you serious? That’s… amazing.

Dead serious, but unfortunately other playlists like Action Sack are still dead :frowning:

Social Slayer & Lone Wolves are still in good shape. BTB has a decent population. Still takes a few minutes to find a game. All the other playlists however are all dead. :frowning:

Bro this game is the perfect game anybody that is caught using any hacks/mods on multiplayer well lets just say your accounts gone :confused: but this game is the perfect halo most will disagree but it is in fact the perfect game.

I came across two players today, who were talking about sending bots down the line and hitting players ip address so they would lag out the game. Overall, I’m not sure how much this happens, but the majority of my games are always pretty fine.

This is super encouraging. I will be spending some time in Halo 3.

You can find a game in BTB?!?!

> You can find a game in BTB?!?!

I’ve found one so far today. I was having much better luck a few days ago though.