What is going to happen with the Team EnVy coatings/emblem?

Team EnVy has almost immediately rebranded as Team Optic. They have different colours and different emblem.

Will people who bought the eSports pack get the updated skin/emblem, will there be another released instead? Will the EnVy one just be changed? I feel it would be bad for anyone who bought based on what it was to have that changed but it’s also annoying if people have to pay twice because the team had an instant rebrand.

I can’t remember where I saw it but the envy team skins will he removed from the store and whoever bought them can keep them. They said they would be super rare skins now because of this

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I assumed that would be the case. Overwatch did the same thing.

Thank you for the info.

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Is there a source that they have changed their name to Optic? I haven’t found anything on Google

They played in the HCS open bracket as Team Optic, if you check the players they are all rebranded on Twitter.

As Optic “Player Name”.

The lead competitive design Rashi confirmed what the other user said in a tweet about the skins. The EnVy ones will stay in the game but no longer sold so will be very rare. They will be replaced with the new Optic skins.

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I wonder if I’ll be able to buy it when I get home. I bought the Optic skin for Halo 5 before they delisted it and it’s nice to have something that rare in your armory

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You sure you read their blog right? From what I see Optic joined into Envy and only have Optic in a few tournaments currently and select ones for the future. As far as I read it, Envy isn’t going anywhere, but Optic may be.