What is going on with Reach?

At first it kept saying I was a recruit and it wouldn’t load matchmaking. I went to the dashboard and clicked Reach only to have the same problem. I tried it one more time just so see if it would work.

This time around I was greeted with the start up screen thingy. I was asked if I was a male or female. I decided to just click everything just to see if it would work. After I clicked male it tells me the super jackpots are in the TU playlist. Now it tells me new items are available in the armory. They aren’t new. They are the same old ones I have already purchased.

My rank is my regular rank and everything, I just have to get rid of those stars in the armory because they are annoying me.

Has anyone else experienced this problem.

It’s a glitch, it happened to me a couple of days back though i didn’t get asked if i was a male/female. Information should have loaded up after a minute or so. Rank, Armor and the other stuff should return to normal.

Well is the super jackpot in the TU playlist? It told me that twice now.

I haven’t had it completely reset everything, but I have had a few moments where it would take upwards of a minute or two for my rank, colors, challenge completion, and armor to show. But I’ve been able to join Matchmaking just fine!

Guess what happened. As it turns out, that little problem I had earlier deleted my Campaign mission progress. I now have to beat the Campaign again. Great stuff.