What is FFA being thrown back to?

So FFA Throwback is coming out, when I first read it, I thought great, it will be like the old Rumble Pit. FFA Slayer with the occasional skirmish gametype. Then I read the rest of the update and it is only KOTH and Oddball. I am completely confused where this comes from.

For starters, if the playlist is going to be called throwback, shouldn’t it have something in the past it refers to? Rumble Pit has always been a high majority Slayer, with a small portion of objective. In Reach and H3 it was almost never voted for because it was unpopular. In that sense alone it makes zero sense.

Maybe the games won’t have ordinances or loadout options, making it closer to earlier gametypes, but that still isn’t a throwback playlist. It’s just an FFA Objective.

There’s been so many posts about wanting a true FFA playlist, not just regicide, and then this comes out. I don’t quite understand the thinking here at all.

No one I have played with really seems to enjoy these gametypes. I know some people must, but how much fun is holding an oddball trying to run away while 7 people try to kill you? Those are games made for teams.