What is farming?

Farming has been something that has been complained about quite a bit (a lot) lately, and many point their fingers at Achillies, ignoring the fact that farming will earn you only 2 or 3 commendations. Back to the point, many call things farming which aren’t. For example, this isn’t farming. Instead, they are clearing the base, but their teammates aren’t destroying the core. I do not agree with strategic / planned farming. But everyone will, on occassion, find themselves in positions in which others believe they are farming when they’re really not. Remember, farming is part of the game, but is bad when it is done on purpose.

That is farming…

wait wat?

i get really confused when people use the word “farming” in halo 5 i played with alot of people in warzone but it seems everytime i play with a new squad they always have a new definition of farming I dont know i just rush the core anyways

That didn’t look like farming because there were blues going in and attacking the core, and they were ultimately successful in destroying it. This guy was providing heavy support to get the job done. It’s not like he’s going to get the tank into the doorway and help.

Now if everyone else on the team just sat back behind the tank and took pot shots at guys trying to get out instead, then replace their Achilles armor with overalls because those boys are farmers.

Lol ISpiteful vs Pingy.

the business of operating a farm.
the practice of letting or leasing taxes, revenue, etc., for collection.

But you have to farm to get the crop that makes whiskey. The world needs farmers!

It is when you have every base, complete control of the opposing core area and you game spawn points so you can wreck people as they respawn. Not going into the core room by itself is just dragging the game out. But I do not consider it farming because the other team can freely respawn, have time to move before they just die and potentionally mount a comeback (yes, I have seen this happen). Farming is just lame and people doing it deserve a date with soap filled socks.