What is Cortana's fate?

She’s spiralling to her downfall guys, this is obvious. A whole year overdue and she’s still more sane than most AI.

Now let’s start a theory thread on the possible outcomes of where this could lead.

Number One: The Chief comes across a group of Forerunners, one of which is specialized in healing and maintaining the AI for a longer amount of time
Number Two (Personal Fav): The Forerunners/UNSC find a way to integrate Cortana in a human lifeform, maintaining her knowledge of everything and computers etc. But in a physical form. You fight with her through Halo 5 and finally die together in Halo 6.
Number Three: She dies. Simple as that. She dies. (Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium quote, thought it was relevant :))

Idk, I personally like the face of scenario 2.

Any other theories?