What is concidered"An old topic"on Halo Waypoint?

I have now been said multiple times not to revive old topics, so I’m just going to ask how old a topic has to be, or what categories a topic has to meet to be concidered “old” to avoid accidentally reviving even more old topics.

Generally if a thread is 2 or 3 months old or longer or you have to search for it to find it, then it’s probably not worth bringing back. A lot can and will change in the Halo Universe in that time so what was mentioned in the first few posts might no longer be relevant. I often find that people don’t read past the first few posts as well, so rather than reviving an old topic and potentially confusing users with old, outdated or misinformation, it’s better that new topics are started with fresh conversation. You can of course reference an old thread in your new one.