What is Cheif doing durin Spartan Ops?

Just wondered if there is any canon explaination as to why MC isn’t aboard the Infinity during Spartan ops. Feel free to add speculation

Interrogation and debriefing on Earth.

> Interrogation and debriefing on Earth.

What is there to interrogate?



For six months?

I do believe he is doing missions elsewhere on the planet.

He’s playing Halo 4 until someone calls him lol.

He’s out getting it on with Lieutenant Parisa, since he DID promise to marry her.

having surprise butt -Yoink!-

Well in the war games menues, he’s looking out a window. Maybe he is doing some special training. I hope to see him in spartan ops.

im sure that he is just training in between court appearances. im sure that the process which he would be interrogated by oni and other unsc officials would be a very very long process.

I don’t think he’s part of them Petabear as it seems like something that would of been mentioned if it were true

Well in the background of the Infinity menu Masterchief is standing there with his back to us.
Sooo I guess he is on the Infinity possibly playing through the War Games

Hes taking a lunch break. Lord knows when the last time he ate anything

Finding his humanity.

He’s STILL taking a shower. He hasn’t bathed in over 4 years.

i hope we get to see him in spartan ops. or mayb spartan ops season 2 if they make it… working up to halo 5…

or we will just see in halo 5 what he had done mayb like a proloque

Actually thought of something funny…ish for once but it contains a slight spoiler so I’ll say that he’s been debriefed and put in charge of a team of Spartan 4s who are sent to deal with uprisings in human colonies that threaten the stability of the UNSC and it’s allies.