what is afk

if only geting a little kills is it is because i suck i am only good on certain maps :frowning:

It stands for away from keyboard. You might also see people say AFC - away from controller. People who idle in game doing nothing. See also boosting.

If this isn’t the answer you wanted I’m sorry.

The banhammer relates getting no kills or medals to AFKing.

Unfortunately, this occasionally leads to some people who are unfamiliar with the game receiving wrongful bans for supposed AFK boosting.

I actually saw someone running around trying to shoot people, but not even manage an assist. That would be pretty rare, though.

Yeah, the system will sometimes wrongly ban someone who doesn’t get any kills, despite actually playing and trying to get kills. The system assumes that they are AFK (away from keyboard/controller), and just boosting for credits.

I suggest that until you know you can get at least a couple kills in a match, you play Firefight and Custom Games with friends/recent players to get better. This way, you won’t run the risk of getting banned.