What is accomplished by earning XP?

I am confused by the XP system.

I completed the Battle Pass within a week of buying it.
I’ve completed all Tenrai Event challenges.
I’ve completed every Weekly challenge…

…and yet…

Every match I play in matchmaking is issuing me “XP” at the end…but I am not sure if it is accumulating anywhere, or being applied to any form of progression…whatsoever.

Though every block in the Battle Pass is complete, I still have 3 left in the Tenrai Event:
The BR coating, the Antlers, and the …um…stance, I think.

It seems to me if you climb the ladder faster than the rest of the community, you shouldn’t be punished by earning NOTHING for your time, aside from a seemingly hollow claim of having “Earned Experience Points” which seem to vanish into thin air after you’ve been informed that you “earned” them.

Am I missing something, or is this just the way it is?

Yea currently there’s nothing that your Exp goes towards when you’re at max rank.

…I think if you beat the rest of the players to the finish line, any further XP should be converted into Store Credits.

I would be satisfied if this was offered as a solution.

There are many games out there that have a level cap. Consider it a level cap - after reaching level 100 you can’t level up anymore. You can do weeklys, you can do events. When next battle pass comes you’ll be able to use your exp again.

Now you can just play for fun, like many people do in games with level caps.

But it’s not a level cap.
A level cap means that you’ve beat the entire game and have maxed out your character as far as it will ever be allowed to go.
That is not the case with Halo Infinite…there will be more progression…there will be more events…more battle pass…
…So I just gotta WAIT for everyone else to “have a chance” to climb the battle pass at their own slow rate?
It just feels like a punishment just because I approached it with eagerness and ambition, as I assume any game dev would actually want and appreciate.

I guess I’m saying I feel like players in my position should be REWARDED for their statistically unusual ambition and eagerness…not PUNISHED.

It’s a new ‘punish loyal players’ scheme that 343 are trialling.

It is a level cap, quite literally your level is capped at 100. You maxed out your progression. The next option for progression will be in what would be a DLC for a game that isn’t f2p. Other games unlock their level caps by adding DLCs, here it’s battle pass seasons.

They don’t punish you. You’re punishing yourself by expecting someone to confirm your validity by showing a number and giving you treats.
Again - you can just play for fun, it is an option.
I’ve completed my battle pass and I still play, because it’s fun and because I can get better by playing more, not because I can get validation by getting achievements or additional levels.

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Without game lobbies, the incentive for trash talk and ‘beating that one guy’ is gone. There’s nothing to unlock as far as gameplay gear goes.
And the cosmetics system was cut into 2/3 shop, 1/3 battlepass.

While XP contribution to battle passes stopping at the final tier is nothing new, it is baffling how Halo: Infinite doesn’t have a player progress system like in older Halo games. No prestige, no means to convert XP into credits upon completion of the pass… nothing.

So while one should still play for fun, it’s undeniably a downgrade for those who play for fun and want something back for their time. There’s plenty of other games people can play “for fun” and get recognition for their time (and to an extent their skill.)