What is a smurf in Halo 5?

and where did this slang originate?

I’m guessing it means someone using a high level player switching to a low level alternate account to dominate lower level players?
What does this have to do with a smurf? LOL.

Because they are blue.

Blue da ba dae da ba de da bae.

If I recall, it came from Tribes 2.

In Tribes 2 when the servers were run by Sierra you main account and main name. You could make another name and attach it to the account, and to designate it; the name would show as blue.

So a lot of players had had multiple names/aliases they would hide under, which became known as smurfing. So, of course, Smurfing wound up being a bannable offense and has gone down in history as something annoying and frustrating to new players. It extended to other games, and became general lingo.

WoW is the only game I’ve played that it has a different name, Twinking. Though, that may just be the act of creating a new character and loading them with bound gear from another toon.

So, to put it simply: Smurfing is being a high level player, with a new account normally played on specifically to troll and beat down on newer players. Or, in some cases, to play with lower-level friends. But with Halo, I’m betting the former.

well i see a very clear issue with it, however i honestly see no resolve for this kind of thing, ill admit there have been times where my initial 10 games i wont be as excited about like FFA, i honestly dont care what rank i get i just want it over with so i can have the spot completed and move back to something more fun and less stressful. and at some point in time during the month ill just be bored alone and go play a game or two and really put effort into it, now im not a “smurfer” by any means, i honestly dont care, i would love to actually earn a higher rank, and be proud of it, the only logic i see is for youtubers being trolls and wanting to look cool or whatever, and people that are just tired of getting spanked by people of their level or higher, just wanting that old school social slayer game where spawn kills and just destroying noobs was, and thats why alot of people stop playing online because its very taxing getting owned game after game, no one wants to go into a custom game and practice for hours just to stand a chance online, people want to play and develop and have fun.

ok enough with stating the obvious, now for a SOLUTION, how about this, IF you win X amount of games as MVP or have a lot of legendary medals blah etc, and rank up X amount of times in a row, you get a BLOCK on that playlist for a week or until the next season, now when i mean blocked i mean your rank essentially becomes a null/voided rank. youve established a “progressed” status as your rank and from that point on you can simply be registered as “pending” when searching for games and dropped into any level of game from onyx level to bronze, just simply put back into the melting pot, where you might get lucky and get into a game with all bronze again, or you can go where you belong and find yourself toe to toe with seasoned vets of halo, (this can stack so if you go from pending next month it can take even less games in a row to register as “progressed” again.

this can be monitored easier, if someone is placed under the “progressed” /“pending” status and it shows oh last month you got bronze, showed clear progress, got put in a pending zone, and next month right back to bronze and back into the “pending” zone. and a history of this can become something you can stand infront of the man for, now i know this can still be bypassed, but it would kink the plans of these troll smerfers and give the ones who are truly seeking to develop and grow at this game a fighting chance, and reduce the amount of smerfers out there, and any that slip thru the cracks, well then we can react to the different situations accordingly.

OK, so finally, how this could effect the casual player, now i understand some people honestly do progress and what not, this might be a little irritating, however if i was trying to get better and i saw something like this pop up, that to me personally, would be a HUGE ego boost, like wow i really did so good they are limiting my playing? and that would be great for anyone who does that legit without being a trolly smerfer, and at the same time the troll getting trolled, i call that justice. thanks to anyone who made it this far, i hope if smerfing is truly that big of an issue that 343 may take this idea into account, thanks everyone!

Basically you make a whole new Xbox account that’s never played before so the two systems don’t put ou near you previous rank, then purposely make you team lose and commit so many suicides that the game is forced to give you bronze. Then completely destroy noobs who can barely turn.