What is a respectable KD/KDA in Infinite?

Bare minimal, 1:1. At least your trading off equally.

But over all, should try to be shooting for better if you can.


Anything positive means you contributed and didnt burden your team. I feel bad letting down the team if I go negative

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I say a 1.0 and higher

A K/D less than 1.0 can still be OK - if you’ve contributed elsewhere in the game. Especially in objective games - where some tasks come with an increased risk of dying.

And you also have to keep in mind that not all kills and deaths are the same.

A poorly timed death can result in a successful push by the other team. A kill vs a camo or OS opponent can be extremely valuable (even if you die in the process).


Some people make entirely new accounts after theyve gotten better at a game to have better stats. To me, KD and it’s significance kinda goes hand in hand with what types of lobbies the player is in. Like…a mid daimond player with a 1.5 that floats in high plat to low onyx lobbies compared to a high onyx (anything above 1800) that’s pulling in the top percentile players in their matches most of the time with 1.5 to me is a drastic difference. So the higher the players skill, I usually see the norm of kd being lower if they got to their true rank faster than someone who’s being screwed over by the system. Cause some players are stuck at a certain rank range for awhile, and their kd gets high because they’re usually better than most players they’re facing. Like eventually they get to where they should be, but for whatever the reason(s) may be, some stay stuck for longer despite their match performances suggesting they should have moved up faster.

Someone in the higher percentile with a high KD with constant matches against their peers is quite impressive. Everything else is kinda hard to say. Like…its either a good stat, or a stat suggesting theyre under ranked. Anything in the positive range is decent though. Like 1.2 in the sweatier range I’d say is already solid.

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depends on what you’re playing and with whom.

I’m a higher rank than my friends and I always play with the same group. This meant I was consistently doing better than them in a lobby with an average CSR below my personal CSR. My kd is 1.6ish.

Now if my teammates were all exactly as good as me the team CSR would match my own, which means I would literally perform statistically with a 1.0 against players as good as me.

Therefore KD means nothing - but in general you want it to be 1.0 otherwise you’re playing in unbalanced teams

In short - don’t look too much into it. A better indicator is headshot accuracy being around 50% (decent) 60 (great) 70% (god)

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I would agree with headshot accuracy except it calculates all weapons into the %, not just weapons that actually get headshot medals. So if you’re someone that uses the entire sandbox to kill enemies, it can make your headshot accuracy a little wonky.


Tbh - if you’re not going for the BR in every game you’re probably average at best. You are right though.

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Dunno if others would say it’s respectable, but I’d be happy to get anywhere near 1.0 :sweat_smile: (in team modes ~ my FFA ratio must be atrocious!)

I’ve never been amazing at FPS games, but I try my best to help the team.

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Don’t let this put you off. The matchmaking system is designed to put you into matches with people of a similar skill level so it really shouldn’t matter how good you are!

People often forget that competitive games, like halo, are just that - games. There’s nothing worse than having a player on your team who tries so hard to win they forget to have fun.


But winning IS fun, the point of the game is to win

True words have never rang so true. There’s a “grind” aspect for players who like being competitive, and there’s fun in that, getting better over time etc. but…if every match becomes this stress over losses and stats it takes a toll on the fun badly. For me, this games best enjoyed with others. Its so bad any time i play it alone. Like nothing to do with rants about team mates, but its like damn…if I’m playing alone I’m just cursing at my screen each chance i get. If I’m on with others or even in LFG chill groups, its just way more enjoyable. Even the losses in close matches are still fun. I took months off of it, and it was so needed. I wish the game still had x, y, and z in it of course just like anyone else would though lol

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Well it’d be nice to know if they ever add it into the UI!

There’s a fine line between “competitive” and “sore loser” and people gotta take a step back and start enjoying themselves. It’s sad to see a leisure activity cause stress and anger…not that I’m immune to the odd “no f ing way!!!”

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Ideally, yeah. But in objective modes, the objective isn’t to kill more than you die- where that’s by definition the objective of Slayer. It’s always better to get kills before dying to frustrate the opposing team’s efforts in any objective mode, but situationally there are a lot of times when the most important thing is to put yourself into a very hot spot for your team.

Happens a lot in Land Grab with the Entrenched event going, so I’ll use that as an example. There are times when you’ve got multiple teammates on the way to help claim a zone being occupied by enemy Spartans, but who will not arrive in time to stop the zone from being captured by the other team. If you’re closer, the best thing for you to do is to contest that zone by whatever means possible. If there are multiple enemies boxed in there, that will often mean jumping into a no-win situation. In a perfect world, you snag a multikill and live to snag the zone with the rest of your team, but more likely, you die pretty quickly but buy some time to give your team a chance at taking the zone.

Countless similar situations apply in other objective modes (protecting a Flag/Ball carrier by drawing heat, similar zone control situations in Strongholds/KotH).

So yeah, I basically agree that ideally you should be at least trading lives. However, in objective modes there are many situations where the best thing to do for your team is to jump on a figurative (or literal, digital) grenade for the group. It won’t reflect well on your K/D stats but it is a meaningful contribution to your teams success and ultimately your personal W/L ratio, which I would argue is probably a better indicator of how much “respect” you should get from other players.

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Problem is if you’re in ranked the objective captures etc are not rewarded. You get some CSR for a win, but you can actually get more CSR for coming hugely positive with kills. This is just because the algorithm awarding ranks is broken and this results in teammates who hold tactical points, never go for the objective, and come out with a massive LD boost and therefore CSR boost. If their team loses, they maintain rank whilst their teammates, capping hills for example, a player down are doomed to lose more CSR if they try to cap without support,

In reality you should be getting a KD of 1.00. Because if every team member is of equal skill and are working as a team, the match should end 49:50 kills wise (slayer) or 200:199 (control for eg) because you’re clearing zones before going for points and are claiming points together.

With oddball you’re capping points and swapping the ball tactically in order to ensure 4 full shields rotate and preserve life. Or are timing approaches in order to wipe teams efficiently from defensive locations.

Ultimately if teams are balanced then a KD of 1:0 is normal, this is what you see in a lot of LFG onyx squads, those typically of similar rank squadding up in order to advance. Problem is, teams are rarely balanced due to the search preference for ping over matched teams (increases time to find a match) and therefore you get some people 1:0+ and others 1:0-

Kd isnt a good measure anymore. Look at accuracy - if you’re always going for the BR and power weapons your accuracy increases and, at higher level anyway, this is what indicates a good player

I say all this based on the fact my Kd is approx 1.6…but this is because I play exclusively with my wife and this brings in lower ranked players in order to balance teams. Her KD is 0.6

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The thing is, the objective isnt to turn ctf or oddball into a 3v4. Man its frustrating to have a random team mate hold the ball and just watch the team mates die and eventually die while holding the ball because it was a 3v4. Same thing with the flag. Theres times where you need to slay out to regain a set up, or carry the objective back go base etc.

A good objective player knows when to slay out, when to pull, and when to drop the objective when there’s an absolute advantage of you turning a 1v1 into a 2v1 for your team mate. Rotating the ball and all that stuff too.

There are times where you do need to contest zones. The points just keep racking up for the enemies if you don’t, but of course there’s a method to that madness. Big risk big reward tho to you point in some of those scenarios.


Well said my man I’ll jump on a grenade for teammates I like and throw grenades at teammates I don’t :slight_smile:

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[quote=“The_Cool_Spoon, post:19, topic:527762, full:true”]. I duo queue with a friend who is a Plat 4 or 5 (i think the rankings placed him way low for his skill) and i am a diamond 5 and know i could easily make it to onyx if i keep at it.

What’s happening is your friend is lowering your team CSR so that you have easier matches. Conversely, his team CSR is elevated by your presence and therefore his matches are harder. That means you can get a nice high KD and rank up, whilst he conversely gets a low KD and ranks down.

You’ll probably find if you solo drop into ranked you will lose lots of matches, because your rank is higher than it should be. Your friend, however, probably finds solo matches much easier because his actual rank is lower than his skill level.

Like I said earlier - this has happened to me. I exclusively play with my wife, kids swim teacher and an old halo reach friend. I got to onyx, whilst they ranked down. Matches weren’t the problem because we frequently ended them with 49:50 etc, the issue was being awarded CSR when in a team with such high variance in the first place.

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Ah Annakin - you have alot to learn

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