What is a respectable KD/KDA in Infinite?

All FPS game kind of have their own margin for what is and isn’t a good KD, but generally speaking going consistently positive at all is the bare minimum. So what is good in terms of Infinite?


I prefer team mates with K/D around 1.0

I’m always wary of higher ones. How did they get them?

Stealing kills. Ignoring the objective. Quitting out of tough games. Smurfing their account.

But what’s respectable? 1.2 or so?

Not sure about KDA. I guess assists suggest a team player. Too many is sloppy play. But a few means you guaranteed the trade.


Hmm… I think the correct answer is whatever value allows your team to score more points than the other team. With emphasis on the word team.


Years ago, i had this discussion in another forum / other shooter. It got very fast 300 posts, got locked, because of many posts that did not match the net etiquette.
Short summary, it depends what was the main gametype played. This shooter had strict separate gamelist. For example KOTH, Slayer.
A player with 4000 played Koth matches cant be compared with a player that played 4000 Slayer matches.


I’m okay with any teammate that isn’t -10 KDA.

If they’re -10 it means 2 things:

  1. They’re mismatched and don’t belong here at all
  2. They’re griefing, be it intentionally or unintentionally, a player down in a 4v4 is a huge deal.

I’m really A OK with teams that are like -1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, or even 6. Somedays you just don’t have good games. Or you are so hyper focused on the objective, I can’t blame you for contesting score in exchange for your life.

That being said, I also dislike people who go 30+ Kills in BTB that isn’t Slayer.

Like bruh, you had better be giving some insane sniper cover with your 30+ Kills in order to let us have an easy cushy time capping the objective. If we lose, it’s because you’d rather pick off the enemy weak links for Youtube montages instead of helping fight over the important objectives.


You could always tell the players who “played” Grifball. They had double figure K/D.

K/D means nothing without context.

Someone could camp BTB and just get 4 kills and 2 deaths per game for a K/D of 2.0

But a K/D of 1.05 in Onyx slayer. Respect.


What game mode are you referring to? Slayer? 1.5 in slayer is respectable. Anything else is average. (Average isn’t a bad thing) I’m average and love it :)…in other game modes you want your teammates to hold objectives otherwise you are forced to do it. So in slayer kd matters, in objective mode respect should be given to objective lions, and we know who we are :wink: which would you prefer, a teammate with a . 95 kd and wins 4 out of 5 games? Or a teammate who gets a lot kills and wins less than 2 out of 5 games?


Anything positive is good, just don’t be that guy who leads in kills on your team and has just as many deaths. That’s not really helping.


I don’t even bother worrying about it tbh because I prefer PvE. That said there is no PvE currently so If I had to pick a range?

For swat: 1.5-3

Slayer+ objective: -1-5

Heavy objective; i.e: Flag or oddball: -2-6.

KDA is super subjective, just pay attention to the game mode and think about how you’re going to approach it and be a valuable member of that team.

Per game or account wide?

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A very important distinction.

Per game is interesting.

Career K/D though… Meh.

If much rather tap into damage stats; For vs against. Lethal vs escaped. Close vs distance. Initial vs late. Head on vs in the back. Weapon vs weapon. Using equipment vs not. Shield intact vs popped. High ground vs exposed. Moving vs stationary. And so on.


Ultimately, I’ve found that fixating on K/D is just a waste. SBMM and just plain variation in player mojo from game to game means that a player with an overall average to low K/D can absolutely dominate in certain games, and vice versa. Overall career K/D is so distorted by the modes you play (Team Slayer, FFA, Objectives, etc.)

Someone’s per-match stats can be meaningful metrics reflecting their performance and contribution, absolutely. But a career high K/D player isn’t necessarily a better bet as a teammate than someone with something like a .8-1.2. You shouldn’t sweat your K/D- people who obsess on this stat aren’t fun to play with and IMO have less fun playing themselves.

As long as you’re putting forward a meaningful effort to play for your team to win, most of your teammates should respect that effort. In some modes, that means diving into certain death very regularly for zone control, to cover for a flag carrier, etc. Even in Slayer, it’s more important to play for the success of your team than it is to maximize your personal K/D. And you can usually tell the difference between a teammate prioritizing team play vs one trying to pad their personal stats. Be the first guy.


I have to add that slayer or obj shouldn’t make a Huge difference in this case, if you’re playing them both right. Objective matches are just slayer games with an extra objective, everyone should still be focusing on killing the enemy more than the enemy kills them, even if they’re the one trying to get oddball time and hill points etc.

That’s a big thing people miss out on, you should be at the very least trading your life rather than throwing it away for 1 more second.


I have to be honest - the fact that we don’t have these career stats in-game helped me a bit.

I always get to a point where K/D starts to matter to me - I’m not sure why.

I haven’t been to halo tracker once for Infinite and I intend on keeping it that way.


In a game plagued by desync, high ping, aiming issues, broken spawns, and instability I would say a 1.0 KDA. I don’t think basic KD is important because this game relies heavy on team shooting. You also have to sacrifice your KD at times to play objective. Especially if you’re on a clueless team.

with how the SBMM is, is anybody not a 1.0 or very close to it? In my younger days I peaked around 1.5K/D, but now I seem to just be stuck at 1.08, either just going back and forth between under and over skilled lobbies.

Honestly don’t think it carries as much weight in Infinite between SBMM and some of the constant server issues. Many playlists also sprinkle in objective type modes, which can artificially inflate your KD if you sit back and let your teammates do all of the dirty work objective stuff.


~ 149.6 k/d ~ for slayer.

Over the last few months if i play Halo Infinite (as Elden Ring is just so dang good that i can’t stop playing it) i have only played Ranked. I duo queue with a friend who is a Plat 4 or 5 (i think the rankings placed him way low for his skill) and i am a diamond 5 and know i could easily make it to onyx if i keep at it.

All that said I only have a 1.32 KD. Hope this helps if you were looking for a competitive only view on KD with the current ranked playlist.

Disclaimer: I would credit 50% of my success my Scuf controller (Instinct Pro); the triggers and back paddles give you a huge advantage.

KD doesn’t matter dude.

Some matches I go and end up with around 9 kills and 9 deaths.
Other matches I go and end up with around 20 kills and 3 deaths.

KD is random dude.
It is all dependant of skill AND luck in a variety of factors. A few examples -

  • Ping/Desync
  • Good teammates or bad teammates
  • What weapons are you using and what range are you at when you encounter the enemy?
  • Player positions when encounters and fights happen (am I lucky enough to have first blood and are the enemy looking away from me as I open fire with little-to-no cover to speak of? Or are were engaging one another on grounds with a lot of cover and evenly numbered?)