What is a good rank?

I will admit, i expected to stroll into halo 5 and slay some noobs because of my halo roots, and guess what? I got crushed. I have a positive KD but that is irrelevant as most players i am matched with are… not as skilled as others. So I need to know what some ground basis’ are for ranks. (yes my grammar was at it’s peak there) I am platinum 2 for Team Arena or as it was called before Team Slayer, i think it changed… for breakout i haven’t been ranked yet but my k/d is lower than 1 so that isn’t good… slayer i am not ranked as i tend to play team arena for slayer gametypes but i have a positive kd, between 1 and 2.5 i think. FFA I played one match and my k/d is 25-11. SWAT i am onyx 1500. so what are the good ranks?

I have noticed the majority of people being ranked into platinum 1 like me. And i haven’t exactly moved up far from that (I have a positive K/D on most gametypes in team arena except breakout sub-gametype not playlist) and I assumed it was lowest and it was platinum because they wanted to make noobs feel special and not at the lowest of the food chain. And then i saw this guy with a 0.3 kd at bronze… and another at gold. So my question is, what would you consider a good rank?

TLDR: What is a good rank for a beginner? I am not new to the franchise but this game came out a week ago and i have less than 24 hours gametime… so yeah.

has anyone got an answer as i really would like to know?