What is 343i's plan for the future Halos?

Halo 5: Probably a draft debate between ‘best’ or ‘worst’ Halo to date. As the story was what be call ‘terrible’ and lacking. Yet, it was the multiplayer that defined what it was the game was. It focused on competitive plays and competitive modes than anything really fun to play. They had serious modes like capture the flag and strongholds while ignoring the fun modes like action sack or KOTH. They even have maps that are so similar and patterned that it focuses on competitive play. And Sure, they soon added the modes like Fiesta, Assault and Griffball… but if you look at it, Fiesta is not even an official permanent mode. Nor was assault (Not even all the different versions…). And griffball is a permanent mode… but it also has its competitive community side. The only ‘Fun’ mode in Halo 5 is Warzone but even that was taken to just a party farming game for two incredibly hard pieces of armor to earn.

As I made my complain on Halo 4 (Not that it matters anymore) and now I will do one for Halo 5… I dont really want to… but it just feels right.

Dont give me that “Halo 5 is new engine, so new everything else”. Maps dont need a new engine nor did the regular modes. They purposely left out the other modes because of two things, either it was too late and they could only put the iconic modes… or they just wanted competitive modes for the gameplay. Because if it was the “They didnt have enough time to implement the modes” then they should have added them in instead of all this ‘limited’ time crap like actually making Fiesta, Doubles, Snipers, Shotty Snipers, Team rockets, Assault, Oddball and richochet all in by the first month when they were announced then launched. And for the maps, actual made maps I guess take longer maybe? But with the new and better forge, you can pretty much create anything. But something like Basin or Anti-freeze was pitiful that even the community created better maps under a week (As shown in the Friday updates). It is just saying that 343i are not looking forward to making those modes or those legit good maps. And no it is not “They doing it for the money” crap… they are doing it because they wanted to focus on competitive plays than much of anything else. So, it is obviously not become Call of Duty… it is more of becoming into a MOBA. Few ‘good’ maps and a few modes that focus on objective gameplay (Only relating most to Warzone and a little on Arena).

As for what I thought was that Halo 4 focused on fun chaotic modes and great maps… as that Halo 5 focused on competitive plays and strategic fields… we could only wish that Halo 6 can be both at once…

I find 343s attempt at competitive play laughable.