What inspired your spartan/Service Record/ Emblem?

My armour’s from the Deliver Hope trailer, I’m Noble six. All Default, except for Gold visor and UA Mark5- Here.
My Service Tag is a Spartan service tag, probably a Spartan IV.
My Emblem is the Spartan Symbol from Halo Wars.
What about you?

My armor is still the original, I’m a low rank, and have crap armor available, so I’m saving up until I get the good stuff.

My service tag is 7777, take a guess.

My Emblem is a Grey Cog with Sol, the middle being red and the cutting wheel being blue. It doesn’t really have any inspiration, I just have it because it makes me feel special in my own way.

Emblem: Cowboy Hat + Zombie Head + Buck’s voice = Me :slight_smile:

Tag: REPR, that’s my name, don’t wear it out.

Armour: small profile
armour covers both offensive and defensive postures for maximum protection
the helm is purely for nostalgia, my Free Recon Helm doesn’t show up in my download history and that’s my preferred variant.

grunt with grunt mask behind it makes him look like a -Yoink!-, there fore i am a -Yoink!- so i made this emblem

Helmet: Recon UA/HUL[3]

left shoulder: CQC for added “protection” of my forward facing arm wile shooting

right shoulder: UA/Multi-Threat for good protection wile still staying “lite weight”.

Chest: Collar/Breacher for added shotgun ammo and a lil more protection around my neck.

Wrist: Tactical/UGPS in case i get lost (lol)

Utility: Tactical/Soft case so i can cary my snacks with me into battle :slight_smile:

Visor color: blue, b/c it just looks nice.

Knee Guards: FJ/Para bc there the best looking ones

armor eddect: depends on my mood. i switch back and forth between legendary (red flames) and eternal (blue flames). all the other effects have never really interested me.

FF Voice: emile b/c we think alike and he says what im thinking.

armor primary: white
secondary: red

Emblem foreground: Ruens
backgroung: Four Plots

service tag: S-21

both my colors and emblem have been that way since halo 2. and my service tag is from halo 3.

Armor: I’ve always loved Recon (especially with a gold visor), and I always feel overly-armored Spartans look too cheesy, so I kept it as minimal armor as possible. Default everything with sniper right shoulder and a soft tactical thigh case. Looks seriously badass.

Tag: It’s “CENA”. It came from an inside joke from a Mega64 video, and I also like John Cena. Come at me Internet!

Emblem: The red asterisk is a homage to one of my favorite bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Unicorns are awesome. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a Unicorn as my emblem.

Emblem: Because it looked kewl.
Spartan: Because I liked it.

My armor is an Emile mock-up until I get enough credits for the rest of his gear.

My service tag is ZOEY. Gamertag is Zoeyeurism, makes sense.

My emblem is the Zombie with one of the aero backgrounds. Makes it look like the zombie’s wearing a sun hat. Used to be Spartan with sun hat.

your armor is Thom, the old Noble 6.

and my armor is a Spartan Sniper ment for recon missions in hazardous situations.

my emblem is nothing at all

my service tag is BOQB which at a quick glance looks like -Yoink!-

My armor is my preference, can’t remember my exact setup ATM, but I used the scout variant on the helm simply for aesthetics

My service tag, the default I was given, worked so far why change it, if I need a new on the UNSC will issue me one right?

Emblem, just about everything I have loved seeing in life has some form of a HAZMAT symbol, therefore the radiation warning.

Emblem: A shamrock. (I’m Irish)

Spartan colours: Mostly green with bits of red. It actually looks quite cool.

Tag: RYAN ('cus that’s my name), but I also occasionally use, 1337, (the funny spartan’s number from the “Halo: Ledgends” series)

Spartan: Black colors, black visor and 1st Tier CQB helmet. Nothing else.

Emblem: Yellow Nuclear emblem.

I have it this way because it is closest to closest to Toonami’s TOM. :slight_smile:

My current emblem is a 3 inside a display because I’ll be playing in “Populate Halo 3” tomorrow :smiley:

Nova with an explosion behind it. Looks like chaos.

Armor: I prefer the classic Spartan look, so I have the Mark VI helmet with the Mark V shoulders. Primary color: Cobalt. Secondary: Steel.

Service Tag: Mine’s DERP, just because.

Emblem: For some reason, they took out the necessary emblem to make a Pokeball in Reach. The Pokeball was always my emblem, so I just made something random for Reach.

I am using the same emblem and service tag that I’ve been using since Halo 2…

Emblem: Skull King - White skull, golden crown. Darkest possible colour for “thick star” background.

Service tag: T94.

My spartan is a tribute to the classic Halo 2 armor, and the colors are to make Inclement Weather look good.
My emblem is derived from my rank.

I try to cause my armor to appear to be more pragmatic than cosmetic, so I try to cover as much of the shoulder as I can, and select helmets that offer a wide POV without sacrificing what appears to be glass integrity. My armor appears to be a combination of a pilot and a repair-man, which explains the numerous pockets and kits. My service tag is the abbreviation of Professor “PROF” and my emblem is a pale green gasmask with a Sprocket Background. It was influenced heavily by industrialization and my own imagination.

Spartan: Um, she’s purple and orange with VERY basic armor because I think it’s all ugly and Grunt Birthday Party. Yeah, I’m THAT kid.

Service tag: Was “POOK” for the longest time which stems from my old GT and what my old friends call me. Now it’s “JINX” for the stupid hijinx I try to pull off. (Most of the time it’s a catastrophic failure. Still fun though.)

Emblem: Fleur de lis. I’ve ALWAYS loved the FDL and it has a lot of different meanings for me.

my tag is condivided with an important mate for me, my emblems rapresent my team emblem, and my spartan…well I just like it as it is now just love the haunted and basic armour style