What Infinite Needs To Fix

I’ll start by saying that Halo Infinite is, overall, very fun to play and that 343 did a great job so far.

That being said, these things need to be fixed!

1 - The aiming

There are way too many options to play with and it is too damn confusing. Just make it feel like MCC.

2 - The Battlepass

This thing is a grind. I must have played 40 games and barely went up 2 levels. Needs more unique challenges per item.

3 - Daily and weekly challenges

These don’t appear to be working.

4 - Grenades

These things are insane. Reduce damage by 7% and reduce the radius by 10%

5 - AR

This thing has range for days. Increase damage drop off and max range of about 50m

6 - Audio Damage indicator

I don’t know what it is, but it is often hard to tell how hurt I am. Please tweak the audio cues when taking damage/shields pop.

7 - No push to talk on controller PC

On PC, you cannot use push to talk on a controller. Like, there’s no option for in in the controls menu.

8 - Mute players

There does not seem to be a way to mute annoying, music-playing losers.

9 - Invite players

At least on PC, it is near impossible to invite randos you bump into. I even tried the recent players list and it doesn’t even list people by most recent. It’s alphabetical LOL.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

You agree? Have more to add?