What in the hell

I just had one of my best games in awhile went 29-16, amazing score and it was retrieving my after carnage report then it kicked me out of war zone and I got noting out of the 20mins I spent on that game this just pisses me off to no end cause I worked hard in that game and by far one of my luckiest games not to get anything I mean has anyone else had this happen at all?

Yeah, man, it happens to lots of people. That sucks, but there isn’t really anything you can do about it.

Keep playing hard like that and it will become second nature to you. :wink:

AFAIK, the stats still count but you don’t receive any REQ points. Maybe if 343i didn’t use the utterly stupid lottery system called REQ, then maybe getting kicked out of games would not be as upsetting.

Happens all the time

Same here. I was playing such a good Warzone match and ended up getting booted for no reason. Did 343i address this issue yet?

My best game… lol

It is slightly annoying, but not really that much of a big deal. All you lose is at most 2k REQ points, and if the only reason you are playing is for those points then you are playing for the wrong reasons.

Plus, it being your best game should be enough reward in and of itself.

I have played around 77 Warzone games and this only happened I think 1 time.

I had my best game of breakout only to see this happen. Furious was an understatement.

After playing Destiny for a good year, Disconnects are more or less a fact of gaming these days. It’s still frustrating as hell, but at least it doesn’t happen too often in Halo 5. Only once have I ever been DC’d, so far.

It’s happened to me so much across all games I’ve just learned to tolerate it lol.