"What If's" in halo 5

What if they gave us bigger battles such as war mode (where you can have 50 Spartans or even 100 go up against each other on a gigantic map that has tanks and rifles and all sorts of strategies. I know this would take a huge amount of work to even come close to accomplishing but I think it would be fun)

What if they replaced sprint with thruster packs shooting you farther?

What if they gave the option to customize weapons looks (such as old school, new style, and camo)?

What if they gave no block limit or money limit in forge?

What are some of your what if’s in halo 5 or maybe you have an answer to some what if’s please share them here.

Thanks for any replies guys!

what if halo 5 went back to its roots ( arena/tactical shooter hybrid) and stopped turning halo into a generic dude bro twitch shooter ala cod & battlefield? then i would buy it no questions.

Thruster already shoots you too far, so they might as well remove sprint.

Wouldn’t mind weapon skins.

They could, but you might end up making unplayable maps in the process. I believe there should be no limit, and that the current limit should function as a guideline to tell you what the developer’s recommend instead.

That is what worries me, we saw only arena in Halo 5 Beta, but we still don’t have anything about BTB, which in my opinion is the best gamemode ever

Also, Block/founds limit in forge is to prevent creations that make the game crash, i know it sucks but nobody wants their xbox frozen