What if?????

In campaign you can only play on mythic and if you die your Halo 4 disk breaks and your xbox explodes???

Use my friends Xbox and game.

Then I would eat some cake.

> Use my friends Xbox.


Looks like I’ll have to watch my back, then.

That wont be a problem

I would continue to somehow play the game.

I never die :confused:

Then I wouldn’t bother with campaign and look on YouTube if some guy actually manged to beat it on legendary and just watch the walk-through.

Spartans never die they just respawn…

I will stand next to it when its about to explode. Get injured and BAM! You’re sued Microsoft. >:)

One kill at a time… And taking time is the key to success for that objective…



I loled
Also what if the new enemy’s are space dinosaurs from Canada, can’t trust them canadian space dinosaurs

That could never happen so it’s a pointless question.