What if...

The portal that Chief is about to fall into leads to the same slipspace bubble that the rest of Blue Team, Team Saber, Team Katana, Dr. Halsey, and Mendez are in :open_mouth:

It doesn’t seem to be a portal… such a huge structure just to build a Slipspace portal inside it? And most likely Halsey and Company won’t be there by the time Chief wakes up, because Halo: Glasslans will continue Ghosts of Onyx’s story.

I read somewhere that some characters will be returning and it said “Old friends” so i’m hoping these “Old friends” and characters will be Fred, Kelly, Linda etc.

I also read something that said new characters will be introduced in glasslands so i’m guessing the spartans escaped the thing they were stuck in (I’m not sure what it is or what its called). This menas there is a chance that they could make an appearance. Also the cover art shows an ODST squaring up to an elite, so i’m guessing the book takes place sometime before the events on the ark (Elites were still covenant so they would hate the ODST’s hence the squaring up) or it could take place after the great schism and the two are squaring up because 1. The two races hate each other because of what’s happened during the war or 2. Because the two are on the same side and the ODST’s are special forces, they are squaring up to each other out of rivalry to be the best just like the rivalry between the ODST’s and the spartans.

I doubt it mainly because after REACH the trilogy of books (FoR, first strike, and ghosts of onyx) conflict soo much with other game canon. plus even if they did do it soo many people who didnt read the book would be lost at the storyline which isnt a good buisness move

If you remember how gigantic the portal on Earth was, I doubt that this thing actually is a portal. To me it looks more like some sort of entrance system to the inside of the planet-y thing.