What if you are lead multiplayer design

This is just a question.
Here is what I would do first off it would be a reward skill based system.Reward would be on skill, certain armor would be unlock on skill ranking.I would also give reward armor to teams that beat the 343 developers team of pros.duel wielding would be back, I would slow the game down like no or slower sprint , brutes, grunts, hunters would be playable.fire grenades would be back, flamethrower would be too.I would add kitanas , or axes for melee weapons.no weapon customization, but all weapons from all halo games like all snipers from everygame would be back .no bloom,no jet packs I used to want this but nomore.flood firefight.betrayal you would come back as a grunt or flood carrier also would lose skill ranking. Spawning would be dropping in odst style of drop pods in open environments. I would include more maps designed for a 2 to 3 yr time line release many would be free for special editions.you would be able to drop your weapons for hand to hand combat rt right punch, rb kicking for example.you could wager 1 v 1 winner takes certian armor that is wagered this would be called trophy hunter .Achievements like over kills will give a snap shot of achievement in post game lobby.this is just a few thing I would do