What If This Became The New Flood Mode?

I may not play much multiplayer but I know that the majority of players are not a big fan of the Halo 4’s Flood mode so I have a proposal. Bring back normal infection. Make this your new Flood mode. Make it a firefight game type. No this is not the generic LET’S FIGHT THE FLOOD IN FIREFIGHT!!! I think 343 gets the point. This is what I think. Let’s PLAY as the Flood in the next game. Still not very original. I will add other details about the game type in other posts because I’m expecting these posts to be pretty long, so if you’re interested into one thing you can just find the post your interested in. Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions and feedback on things you disagree or feel you need changing. Thank you for reading

Posts to expect are:
Points System
Enemies and Values

*Note if 343 finds this thread and decides to use this game type or something similar, I would appreciate this to be first tested in a BETA.

*This was not the original introduction, please excuse S 000 DeM because he/she posted with the original intro which did not include the extra posts. Thank you for posting.

*Thank you to S 000 DeM for suggesting that this game type should also have a versus mode against real players.

I think I would prefer something like this to just a reverse-firefight, but I don’t see why that couldn’t be a co-op mode too.

It’s more of a recommendation than a requirement. I just found that similar game types in other games like Gears it’s easier to have more than two people. It could be because of the barriers (which I DON’T want for this gametype) If you are up to the challenge of only having one friend play go for it. I apologize for the vague explanation that post was getting pretty long

Points System:
The points system should be somewhat easy to follow. You gain points through killing opponents. The number of kills you get and points you get will effect different aspects for the game play. There are three main aspects of scoring excluding meta game scoring if they choose to return in further games. This scoring system includes:

Individual Kill Count System
Team Total Kill Count System
“Infection Points”

The Individual Kill Count System is exactly as it sounds, it is how many kills a single player has gotten. This matters when unlocking classes and what player gets to choose to spawn in as a Flood Juggernaut.

The Team Total Kill Count System is the amount of total kills a team has gotten. Teams are most likely going to consist of 1-4 players, but they are not limited to it. This matters when the Flood Juggernaut becomes available.

The “Infection Points” is a currency system that you will be able to buy certain weapons or perks that your class can use. If you unlocked a class but don’t have enough points to buy the weapon or perk you want you must earn more points before you could use that customization. You earn points by kills. This is the basic system:

Unshielded Infantry: This is any enemy without a shield. A kill on this enemy type is worth 1 point. (This excludes Hunters)

Shielded Infantry: This is any enemy with a shield. A kill on this enemy type is worth 2 points. (This excludes leaders)

Hunters: Hunters are well… Hunters! If you kill a Hunter it is worth 3 points.

Leaders: These are enemies that are high ranking such as Generals and Chieftains. These enemies are worth 5 points.

Death: When you die you will be Deducted 2 points on ALL difficulties EXCEPT LEGENDARY. On Legendary you will be Deducted 3 points. This penalty doesn’t take place if changing classes, or being killed as a Carrier Form. You can’t change classes when you are taking damage or not at full health. Changing classes results in the death of your current character but you will not be penalized.

This is a very basic system that I think can easily be either built off of or even put in a finished game. I put the “Infection Point” System in to prevent spamming
Rocket Spawning Flood.

Infection Points Won’t Be SAVED Over To Another Flood Mode Match. Once the match is over that is it, so make the most use of them as you can.

One thing I’ve found with games like Halo is people tend to like an even battlefield when facing other players. However when going against AI classes seem to be fair game. I think that this is ok because it does add to replay value. Especially when you have to EARN certain classes. All the classes were Flood Forms from Halo 3 with one exception, I will show you the classes and their weapon/perk requirements.

- Human Combat Form: Default
Assault Rifle____________________Default________________________00 Points
SMG___________________________07 Kills_______________________14 Points
Magnum_______________________15 Kills_______________________30 Points
Battle Rifle / DMR________________21 Head Shots__________________42 Points
SAW___________________________35 Kills_______________________70 Points
Sticky Det. / Gre. Launcher_______35 Explosive Kills_____________70 Points
Shotgun________________________50 Kills_______________________100 Points
Sniper Rifle_____________________50 Head Shots__________________100 Points
Rail Gun________________________50 Explosive Kills_____________100 Points
Rocket Launcher_________________75 Explosive Kills_____________150 Points
Spartan Laser___________________90 Explosive Kills_____________180 Points

- Carrier Form: Default
2 Corpses in 1 Grave__________20 Explosive Kills_____________40 Points
*Releases 2x the amount of Infection Forms Upon Death
BOOM__________________________50 Explosive Kills____________100 Points
*Increases Damage By Your Detonation like the BOOM Skull in Halo CEA
Up Close and Personal_________50 Kills______________________100 Points
*Doubles the Speed of Detonation and Movement

- Elite Combat Form: Kill 15 Shielded Enemies
Storm Rifle/Plasma Repeater___Default________________________00
Plasma Pistol_________________10 Kills_______________________20 Points
Plasma Rifle__________________10 Kills_______________________20 Points
Needler_______________________15 Kills_______________________30 Points
Carbine / Needle Rifle________21 Head Shots__________________42 Points
Concussion Rifle______________40 Explosive Kills_____________80 Points
Fuel Rod Gun__________________50 Explosive Kills____________100 Points
Energy Sword__________________60 Kills______________________120 Points
Beam Rifle / Focus Rifle______60 Head shots_________________120 Points
Plasma Launcher_______________90 Explosive Kills____________180 Points

-Brute Combat Form: 15 Melee Kills
Brute Plasma Rifle____________10 Kills_______________________25 Points
Carbine / Needle Rifle________21 Head Shots__________________42 Points
Mauler________________________40 Kills_______________________80 Points
Brute Shot____________________45 Kills_______________________90 Points
Fuel Rod Gun__________________50 Explosive Kills____________100 Points
Beam Rifle / Focus Rifle______60 Head Shots_________________120 Points
Gravity Hammer________________70 Kills______________________150 Points
Plasma Launcher_______________90 Explosive Kills____________180 Points

-Stalker Range Form: Kill 49 Enemies from 50+ Meters
Ranger________________________50 Head Shots_________________180 Points
*Projectiles Travel 2x Faster, are 2x More Powerful, and have twice as much Range

-Stalker Tank Form: 49 Melee Kills
Tank Beats Everything_________50 Melee Kills________________180 Points
*While in Tank Form you have 2x Health, Do 2x Damage, and Take Half Damage than that of a normal Tank Form

-Juggernaut: Team Gets A Total Of 343 Kills
The Juggernaut (Deleted Content From Halo 2) becomes available when the Team Kill Count reaches 343 Kills. When this happens the player with the Highest Individual Kill Count will have the chance to become the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut Has the powers of a Powered up Tank Form, More Reach, and the Speed of a Sprinting Spartan. However, like an overshield in multiplayer its health decreases the longer it stays on the battlefield. When you change into the Juggernaut your respawn doesn’t count as a death. When your team reaches one set of 343 kills, another set will be tallied, and so on and so forth. At the end of the match all the sets are combined to give you the total Team Kill Count. A Juggernaut only has the 2 minutes max, so be sure to raise Hell while you have the chance.

There are some positive things and negative things to being a Flood.

The Good:
-If you are a Combat Form you always have a melee weapon
-Elite and Brute Forms have shields but they are about 1/2 as strong as a normal shield
-If your weapon arm is shot off you now have the ability to sprint
-You can become a near unstoppable Juggernaut
-You are very resistant to melee attacks with a few exceptions
-You are immune to sniper rounds
-You can change your set up every time you wait to respawn, on default there’s about a 10 second respawn, however if you won’t be forced into the game if you are changing your class. If you take longer than 10 sec then you will instantly spawned in once your class is chosen.
-Flood are more durable without a shield than anyone else
-Flood have a double jump which can used by double tapping the jump button

The Bad:
-Can’t Dual Wield
-Can’t Throw Grenades
-Can’t Drive Vehicles (You can still board tanks and destroy them)
-Can’t Operate Turrets
-Can’t Sprint unless you only have your melee arm
-If there are no more Infection forms on the field you lose (This is why Carrier Forms are so important)
-Can’t use equipment or armor abilites.

With these penalties in place this turns this game type into a challenging game mode and forces the player(s) to play very strategic play style.

Enemies and Values

We already touched on enemy point values but just to review:

Unshielded Infantry: This is any enemy without a shield. A kill on this enemy type is worth 1 point. (This excludes Hunters)

Shielded Infantry: This is any enemy with a shield. A kill on this enemy type is worth 2 points. (This excludes leaders)

Hunters: Hunters are well… Hunters! If you kill a Hunter it is worth 3 points.

Leaders: These are enemies that are high ranking such as Generals and Chieftains. These enemies are worth 5 points.

But what enemies are we going to fight? Well this is really up to 343 but if I had my way…

Classic: It’s classic Halo CE… enough said

Human Covenant Alliance: In this faction there will be Marines, ODSTs, Elites, Grunts, and Engineers

Covenant Loyalists: In this faction there will be Brutes, Hunters, Jackals, Grunts, and Drones

These are all my thoughts right now feel free to comment, ask questions, and make suggestions. Don’t forget to vote if you want this to be the NEW FLOOD MODE. Thanx for reading.

Would still prefer asymmetric multiplayer.

Would you like to explain any specific examples of some things you would like?

> Would you like to explain any specific examples of some things you would like?

Basically what you have here, but against actual players. I did link the Natural Selection 2 website.

Ok, so we can have a Firefight mode and a Versus mode. In fact the versus mode could honestly add to the strategic game play. Is there anything you want to say about the information I have on here, I would really appreciate some feedback about the classes or the points system. Thank you for your comments, I will try to post statistics for the other team as soon as I can.

Sounds overly complicated for a side game. Firefight was pretty straight forward, you’re adding kills and point value multipliers that might make it considerably harder to get.

Besides, I’d love a Flood Firefight and I would love to still have Infection, not Halo 4’s limited Flood mode.

Anyways, cool idea, I just don’t think that it is a realistic one.
Sorry to sound like a -Yoink-.

But you did put A LOAD of thought into it and it would be kinda cool to see this style of a mini game within the new Halo game.

Very creative, good work!


Thanks for the comment Rookie, I still am putting thought into, it. I’m trying to figure out things for the versus mode that S 000 DeM suggested because I know there are other people out there that agree. One idea I have is if they bring back the trip mine then the Marines can pick it up on the map (with a spawn time of course) and be able to place them in strategic places. However there’s a catch, you want the mines, you have to go into the “Infinite Devil Machine” (see what I did there) for those who didn’t it’s basically at the Flood spawn or at least around there, there should also be other stuff other than that but I need to think what else. My idea with this is that this will give the Marines motivation to be aggressive. Mean while the Flood need to strategically plan when to be offensive and defensive.

I know it sounds complicated, but I don’t think it will be if they were to try it. I’m sure everybody would like for normal Infection to come back and I don’t want this to replace it either. Hopefully they will, I just feel it won’t do the game justice to scrap playing as the Flood because it was a very good idea. I respect your opinion, thank you again for posting.

I’m not sure on all of your details, but the idea of a few constantly evolving Flood players fighting a group of marines or Spartans (AI or player controlled) sounds great for a Flood mode.

I just think fighting actual people would be more challenging and fun.

That is the basic idea of it. Who’s to say we can’t have both if this idea is in effect at 343. We have multiple game modes for essentially the same idea. One example is Stockpile and CTF, the two are very similar. So I figure why not compromise and have a “Firefight” mode and a “Versus” mode.

Right now I have a basic idea of what I want out of the versus mode. Right now I want to have grenades, power ups, equipment, and or AA’s around the Flood Spawn along with a spawn timer. This will force the marines/spartans/elites to have to be offensive in order to get possession over those items. Weapons will primarily be on even ground along with a spawn time.

I would like to thank Stubborn Barren, Lyle the Forger, and Wrenchineer for offering their time to help the cause. This thread was the initial start to the game type and will be finalized on another thread. I might also give an update thread for any new ideas that come about and you guys can comment on it. If you have any ideas or would like to help out message me. Thank you for reading, supporting, and feed back.