what if the spirt of fire made it to reach?

in the halo books reach was were the ships would go to get repared or scraped what if the Ai took them to reach during the events of halo 3? then the ship stops and the Ai waits for unsc to respond and stays in orbit but then learns reach fell but she wakes the spartens first so they can see what has happened …halomasterx17

I just found out it was 20 years sorry guys

And girls lol

Halo cod are all my favorite

Just wow

I love to get achievements

Red vs blue

Reach… for the skies

All most their


Am worng


Lol why am I saying sorry no need to worry

Halo 2 favorite

Halo 3 as well

Halo reach beaches of its armor system and campaign

And halo 3 odst

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