What if the entire Halo ring was playable space?

Yes, I know that’s like a few hundred thousand square miles. But it’s hardly impossible looking at games with massive expanses like No Man’s Sky, and that was a small developer compared to 343.

It would require a lot of procedural generation, which I know can sometimes lead to games looking environmentally stale, but a man can dream, right?

Besides, Halo Infinite’s name would suddenly make a lot more sense.

No Man’s Sky procedurally generated galaxy was quite impressive.

However, the game suffered in the narrative and combat areas, two things that are critical to a good Halo experience. I bet making an entire ring a playable space would result in a lot of empty areas and probably detract from other, arguably more important game elements.

Sounds cool on paper but in reality it would be very boring. As far as open world games go I’ll always choose a smaller but dense world than a large but empty one.

Would feel a lot more like Minecraft to be honest with a massive, open expanse to explore.

You want the ability to travel 10.000 Km? Is that even possible considering the graphics quality and AI in the map?

Less can often be more when it comes to space in a game. As said above, too much space means there will be large expanses of nothing where there’s literally nothing to do but walk to the next interesting thing. That was one of the problems with No Man’s Sky. There was a lot of nothing, surrounded by repetitive landscapes that offered little more to do than walk around. Halo has done an excellent job in the past of creating large spaces for exploration. Take CE’s second mission. You had a huge area to explore, but it was small enough that you could easily explore without getting completely lost.

It’s a cool idea, but I think more important aspects of the game might suffer for it.

An open world Halo game would be super cool.

Don’t see how that would work well with the typical linear level based campaign mainline halo games have