What if someone else is being hunted in Halo 5

Don’t read any further if you have not completed the campaign since this might contain spoilers.
When Halo 5 was being advertised, the advertisements always stated that a hero was being hunted and and showed pictures of Master Chief. Everyone was thinking we were going to go on a big hunt for Master Chief, but that did not happen so everyone was disappointed. I may be wrong, but what if 343 was advertising the hunt for Cortana. In the unofficial story trailer, it does not specifically say that Master Chief turned against them. It says, “The only thing worst than losing a hero, is watching them turn against you.” That could be Cortana since she was a hero then turned against humanity by the end of Halo 5. In the gameplay trailer, it states, “Experience the beginning of the greatest hunt in gaming history.” That means that Halo 5 is only the beginning of the hunt. If Master Chief is being hunted, wouldn’t that mean the hunt is already over? If it is Cortana being hunted, the hunt has just began with Cortana racing to achieve the mantel while humanity is “hunting” her down to stop her. I know the advertising is most likely implying Master Chief is being hunted, but I was curious of thinking of other possibilities. Let me know what you think and other possibilities.

This actually seems like a pretty solid theory to me. Considering if the Chief was being hunted it would be gaming’s shortest hung ever, considering how it all goes down by the end of the game.

woah that makes sense

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> woah that makes sense

You make it seem like most ideas posited do not. :sweat_smile:

If it’s the longest hunt; we are in for a ride. Remember the hunt for Duke Nuken Forever?

BTW; I believe this theory holds more merit than is at face value.

Wow. So it is either just bad marketting or very clever one. That’s very believeable theory.

Mind blown. I didn’t even consider that. Very nice theory, OP.

yeah… cortana is being hunted FROM THE START if you pay attention to Lockes conversations…

Even MC will directly refer to Cortana at the start of blue team. tho admittedly not by name untill that CS.

What ever happened between 4 and 5 its pretty clear that its known that Cortana is alive.

that said… im pretty sure thats not what the trailers were about…

Ok yeah that makes so much more sense now. Only problem. How does #huntthetruth fit into it?

Seems more like Cortana is hunting us

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> Ok yeah that makes so much more sense now. Only problem. How does #huntthetruth fit into it?

I think the first season of Hunt the Truth was used to explain the Master Chief’s story and what ONI will do to protect that story. However, in the second season of Hunt the Truth, Fero was trying to find out what was happening to the outer colonies and discovered it was caused by the Guardians which were being controlled by Cortana at that time.

They got awesome stuff, but they’re terrible at being your friend.

I think you are looking to hard at shreds of information at trying to find a connection and while there is nothing wrong with this I think they changed to story last minute similar to destiny. One example I have of this is the easter egg on rig with the sand worm; the sand worm is very high quality while the rig it is eating is very low quality and why would 343 put that much work into something so far away? I think it was because when you were hunting Master Chief you visited a sand planet (like the one in the first halo 5 teaser with Master Chief in a cloak and the first time we saw a guardian) and there was a giant sand worm that the devs had to make and since they put so much time into something that was scrapped they put it into the easter egg so someone would see it.

I think it is Cortana’s hunt for the Infinity that the trailer was referring to.