What if Major Vaughan was a Commander in Halo Wars 2?

A minor DLC to Halo Wars 2 was OPERATION: SPEARBREAKER.

The reason I call it a minor DLC is that it’s main purpose was to introduce Colony as a Commander for Halo Wars 2. It featured only two missions added to the campaign roster without any actual cutscenes made by Blur Studios, since Awakening The Nightmare was getting all the budgeting glory as one of the final DLC packs for Halo Wars 2.

However, Major Vaughan and his squadron of Sunray 1-1 were the ones you played as in the DLC campaign. You and the rest of Boomerang Company were in opposition to Colony and their plot in the small DLC expansion. And yet, only Colony was made into a playable Commander for use in the multiplayer scene of Halo Wars 2.

This honestly surprised me. Considering that Sunray 1-1 is an ODST fireteam and how much the fanbase adores the ODSTs of the franchise, it seems to be a mis-step to not provide an ODST as a playable Commander for the UNSC.

So, the following is how I would have Major Vaughan of Sunray 1-1, leader of Boomerang Company, to be a playable Commander for use in Matchmaking, Skirmish, Blitz, and Firefight.

Feet-First Into Hell troopers! Be sure to bring back a postcard!!

ODST Major Logan Vaughan is the commanding officer of Boomerang Company and leader of his personal squadron, Sunray 1-1. He was featured in the campaign DLC OPERATION: SPEARBREAKER . However, unlike Colony, he wasn’t made into a Commander that players could select. This is how I would change this detail.

Major Vaughn would be a Commander that specializes in surprise drop-in reinforcements, stealth-recon specialties, and guerrilla warfare tactics. But that doesn’t mean he cannot handle his own in a fight when things get serious.

CORE UNITS (Firebase Units)


    • Grenade Throw Upgrade
    • Combat Tech Upgrade

    • Support Drone Upgrade
  • WOMBAT DRONE - New Air Unit that is able to be deployed. Specializes in fast-moving abilities like the JACKRABBIT, but able to target ground forces with a bombing run. However it has little health and cannot really defend itself against other aircraft. Requires the Leader Power of “F-99 Wombat” to be activated in order to deploy them

    • Systems Upgrade - Upgrade that boosts Wombat speed and health-pool by 20%. Increases Line-Of-Sight range by 50%.

BARRACKS UNITS (Infantry Units)


    • Dispersion Nozzles Upgrade

    • Active Camo Upgrade
    • Gauss Weaponry Upgrade

    • Shock Rounds Upgrade
  • ODST SQUADS - Squads of ODSTs that are carbon-copies of Captain Cutter’s deployable ODSTs, but can be further upgraded to bolster their abilities. These upgrades also affect the Hero Unit of “SUNRAY 1-1”. These units are unlocked as soon as you spend a Leader Point on the “ODST Drop” Leader Power.

    • Assault Recon Upgrade - Boosts the movement speed of ODST SQUADS by 20%, allowing them to move around more swiftly on the battlefield.

GARAGE UNITS (Vehicular Units)


    • Gauss Cannon Upgrade



    • Canister Shells Upgrade

AIRPAD UNITS (Aerial Units)

  • SPARROWHAWK - replaces the HORNETS units with the SparrowHawks of Halo Wars 1 as the standard Airpad Units. Similar in function, but with a separate upgrade package.

    • Flares Upgrade - A deployable upgrade that negates anti-aircraft missiles and rockets, with only 50% of the enemy shots fired to actually hit their mark while all others are intercepted by the flares. This protects aircraft in the AOE of this special ability for a brief period.


ARMORY UNITS (Hero Unit & Ultimate Unit)

  • SUNRAY 1-1 - ODST Fireteam Sunray 1-1 from OPERATION: SPEARBREAKER joins the fight with the same stats we saw in the mini-campaign DLC, but this time with a few pliable upgrades.

    • Requisitions Upgrade- Upgrade that allows for the ODSTs of Sunray-1-1 to deal 20% more damage output per second by use of upgraded ammunition and weapons.
    • Reconnaissance Tech Upgrade - Provides Sunray-1-1 with a radar-kit upgrade to their suits and HUD, giving them a 50% boost to line-of-sight to cull back the fog-of-war.
    • S.P.I. Module Upgrade - Upgrades Sunray 1-1 with experimental ODST S.P.I. armor, allowing them to cloak while out on the battlefield. This cloak is automatically activated unless they start to fight, which reveals their location or if a counter to their cloaking ability is deployed against them.


  1. FIREFALL PRIORITY I / II - Leader Powers that allow you to drop in units and structures from orbit now recharge 25% faster. Level 2 increases it to 50% faster than standard. This leader power affects the following -
    a - ODST DROP
    c - TURRET DROP I / II
    d - EMP MINES



  4. F-99 WOMBAT - Allows for the WOMBAT DRONES units to be deployed from Firebases and Mini-Bases.


  6. CLOAKING TOWER DROP I / II - Towers that you can drop in from orbit onto the battlefield. These Cloaking Towers will provide an Active Camo effect to all structures and allies within their AOE, though the towers themselves aren’t cloaked. Level 2 provides a shield to the tower itself to make them less vulnerable to enemy attacks while also boosting the range of the cloaking AOE by 25% more radius. Cloaking towers do not self-destruct after a certain amount of time. But like with Siege Turrets and Generators, the more you have constructed, the more it will cost to construct a new one. ALSO when this Leader Power is unlocked, it allows for Cloaking Towers to be constructed on your base defense points, allowing for a UNSC base to be cloaked similar to how Banished bases can be cloaked.



  9. EMP MINES - Drops in an array of three modified LOTUS mines. When a vehicle goes over the mine, it receives full damage and it is stalled by an EMP effect that makes it sit still for a few seconds, vulnerable to attack and unable to defend itself.



  12. TARGET DESIGNATION - By use of a Target Designator, ODST drop-pods filled with high-yield explosives are dropped in from orbit to scatter an area with lethal detonations. Effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures, while aircraft are 20% resistant to the damage output. If you have empty population slots, there is a 25% chance that a pod that drops will deploy a Veterancy Level 1 ODST Squad, Cyclops Mech, or a Kodiak.

Soo… whaddya guys think of how I think Major Vaughan could’ve been used as a Commander in the UNSC faction of the multiplayer for Halo Wars 2?

Granted, if he were made into a Commander, that would offset the balance to make it so that there are 9 UNSC Commanders and only 8 Banished Commanders. But that would just give Creative Assembling more reason to bring another Commander to the roster. Possibly Thrallslayer could make a return (the Brute Chieftain Commander of Halo Wars 1)?