What if Crawlers could play dead?

It’d be a fun new mechanic to those little mutts.

If there were a pack of them you’d go nuts shooting anything that moved. What if you had one Crawler that sat perfectly still and turned it’s lights off so from a decent distance it would appear to be dead?

If you weren’t paying attention it could jump you whilst your back was turned.

Yes the Crawlers break apart when they die but the torso that is left is a huge chunk and a seemingly dead Crawler would appear to be a torso with parts scattered around it when in reality the limbs and head are still connected.

I wanna see the Prometheans innovated on and this would be a nice edition to the Crawlers IMO.

Although I think the aim assist will have to be reduced so it’s not easy to find them by accident but we wanted that anyway. Or just disable the red cross hair for a for a Crawler playing possum.

The Flood in Halo 1 had this exact same mechanic. While it worked well for them, I can’t really see the Crawlers, or any Promethean enemy, use the same tactics. They seem like they’d try to sneak up on their target rather than try to hide in plain sight.

That would be insane! It would be great!

I could see it happening.

Throw a grenade at 4 Crawlers, destroy 3, the 4th goes into “turtle” mode (hides its head and legs), after 5 seconds it gets back up and attacks you.

Or enter a room with “dead” Crawlers and dead Marines, walk past all the dead bodies, and then start getting shot in the back.

It would be awesome if they would lie in pieces and then reform when they did this.

Sort of like the zombie bots from metal arms glitch in the system where they reform yeah that would cool since you could walk right into a group of them without knowing since you can barely see where they are and then they just reform around you in an ambush

I really like this idea, I think that would be really cool!

-Yoink-, I would have posted earlier if it weren’t for that forum glitch.

Pretty good idea op. I’ve missed that feature, though Hotrod has a good point, it would be missing the scare factor that made the Flood so memorable.


Only if we get the Flamethrower back. I want to BBQ everything to make sure they’re dead.

> What about Crawlers with AC?

Exactly, they just need to be smarter about their firing pattern.