What if CEA's Firefight includes Scarabs and Tanks?

I’ve been told this upcoming firefight map from CEA will be something we havent seen before so could that mean there’s a possibility for scarabs and tanks in firefight for the first time? Adding scarabs, tanks and air vehicles to this map would definately take firefight to a whole new level of epic battles and survival. Also I was a bit disappointed we only got to see the scarabs once in the campaign without having to fight them but this addition in firefight would make up for that. The map is probably still in development so let your voices be heard if you would like to see this in the new firefight map

I don’t think we will see Scarabs in Firefight, although it would be a good challenge. I don’t believe anyone from Bungie or 343 has specified why they can’t be added, but a guess would be their size. I certainly would like to see more UNSC vehicles like the Scorpion and the Falcon, perhaps as a random vehicle drop, so we can lay some pain on the covies.