What if 343 / Microsoft made the game bad on purpose?

  • Xp gain
  • Progression
  • MTX store
  • Battlepass
  • Challenges
    -No forge
    -No co-op for campaign
  • General lack of content

Just watched a video on YT from Halofollower which made ALOT of sense.

What if 343 and Microsoft did this all 100% on purpose, to see what they can get away with?, to start off with the game in such a bad state to maximise profits and slowly sell us back parts of the game at a cost, while collecting data on how many people will accept/buy from the store then when the backlash is bad enough they can turn around and say to us " we hear you and changes are coming" when in reality despite the changes the game is still in a really bad state we just think it’s better because the devs are “fixing” the game, sounds believable, like something a devious and greedy man at the top would think up to profit off people’s love of the game.

What are your thoughts on this topic ? :thinking:


That’s essentially the business model without all the tinfoil hatting


It honestly wouldn’t shock me at this point if this is what happened. I do feel bad for some of the dev’s at 343 that did put their heart and soul into the gameplay and trying to really make it feel like Halo again, only for it to be pulled down by bs corporate practices.

I’m pretty sure the same thing that OP said as a possibility has happened with other games as well like Gears 5, Battlefront 2, Black Ops 4 (Cod in general honestly) just to name a few as those games had either barebones for modes only to add some more back later and/or really bad store practices at launch, then at least Bf2 and Gears 5 changed their approach on things when press and community feedback was super negative affecting sales.


That’s where your trouble started.


MS already tried that with Sea of Thieves and it worked. No need to try it again.

Explain ? whats so bad about listening to other peoples views even on YT especially if it fits the narrative were seeing.

Public image is something the execs both know and care about. At the end of the day their PR effects sales and investor confidence.

I think it’s simply more likely that this is all just due to poor leadership. We know 343 management had a shakeup midway through development of this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the suits at Microsoft miscalculated what kind of financial threshold sales of digital products should reach for this game to be considered a success.


Beat me to it. Here, have a :purple_heart:.


Nothing at all except when it’s Halofollower. All his stuff is tinfoil hat clickbait garbage. Has been for like 10 years now. He’s like the Alex Jones of Halo.


You watched a HaloFollower video. That’s a red flag bro


Really don’t think anything constructive can come from such an angle of discussion. Let’s not waste time speculating about the nature of the state of things and focus on function feedback


For the most part yeah, thats exactly what the business plan is.

That said, since HaloFollower’s saying this now, I’m starting to wonder if thats the case.

:joy: I’m new to Halofollower, I was un-aware of his reputation for BS, I will take it with a pinch of salt, but even Alex Jones has his moments where what he says comes true :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure EA tried the same thing with Battlefront.

The problem is Microsoft didn’t want to leave Xbox One behind. Especially when covid hit and shortages began. From a business perspective this was a smart move. However it hinders the games development process and potential. All these issues are caused by developing an extremally ambitious game for three different systems. One of which is way underpowered compared too the other two.

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This is fact! And it’ll be with all released games, for at least another year. Eventually, games will only be developed specifically for the XSX/S and then focused on back compatibility for the One/X, if even that. Having to develop games for all systems, at the moment, is hindering the process. Of course Microsoft screwed that up when they mentioned all games would be release across the board for the next 2 years and won’t be exclusive to X/S. I feel that has hurt the development of Halo Infinite as well.

Interesting theory but what I think it is is that this game cost 343 and Msoft a lot of money. So I think msoft gave them an ultimatum with the store, prices and swaps with the alternative laying people off to save money.

I’ll admit I’m mad at 343 for all the stuff wrong and I’m teetering on quitting but the MTX issues are definitely from upstairs.


Because let’s ignore the biggest determining factor of what makes a game good:

The actual gameplay.


I have been with this community from 2001, new fans are ruining Halo and gaming. 100% fact. 1047 games got everything mostly right and they only had like 7 ppl lol.


Does forge, co-op, and more playlist options not add to the gameplay experience?