What if 343 made the game bad on purpose?

I was recently contemplating Halo Infinites Battle Pass and came across the idea that: 343 could’ve made it bad on purpose. And it surprisingly makes sense.

Now here’s why: Fact numero uno: they had six years. Six years! To make this game. They KNOW that we were gonna hate this.
Fact numero dos: see how similar this is to Fortnite or CoD? 343 is trying to familiarize the new Halo Fan base with what they already know: buy the battle pass, get cool stuff, flex flex flex.
They want to appeal more to the future fan base than the old one
Fact numero tres: greed. Corporate greed. 343 wants to see what they can pull before fixing the game for us. I mean 20 bucks for an Anubis Helmet and some cool shoulder pads is just…wow….
Fact numero quatro: 343 has slowly been fixing the game based on “player feedback”. I feel that this whole beta thing is them trying to make tons of cash off of us. They are “fixing the game” super slowly.
Fact numero 5: see how quickly they fixed progression only a week after beta launch? A bit sus IMO. It looks like they were already prepared to fix it.

This is the info I looked together. Share any facts or info that could substantiate this theory. Until then, keep using your voice to change this game for the better.

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I don’t think the intent was to make a bad game, they just made some bad decisions.

Gameplay is amazing, store, progression, and season pass alon the other hand… bleeeh! Colossal fail.

yeah, like how is it that turning off cross-play wasn’t even in the menu from the beginning.

Also, the cheaters that are killing this game. I just going to assume everyone is cheating because I have already lost faith in this product.

I mean for crying out loud, you have stores selling aimbots, and yet I have not seen one company shut them down…it is a full online store, and how the hell does someone gets the key to Halo so fast and able to open it up to make those cheats?


I think the campaign will carry the game, honestly.

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