What I'd love to see after Halo 6

What I would like to see, after Halo 6, at some point, is a prequel game. A Halo Reach 2, maybe. A game where, this time you play from Blue Team’s perspective(e.g. the books), taking you from an unaugmented Spartan II 7 year old, on up to the early missions as an augmented, muscle-dense 14 year old, who will be the equivalent of a 6 foot 7 20+ year old, possessing only an Oni stealth skin suit. And about the last 3/4 of the story, you receive your first Mjolnir(unshielded) Spartan suit and so, will be much more vulnerable than current games. The interesting thing here, is you will be fighting humans in the out colonies, at first…as this was the intended purpose of a Spartan. “Insurrectionists,” to be precise. With, maybe a surprise covenant mission in between, due, to a sort of forced encounter that starts as an unexpected space battle, and ends as a “change in plans…we’re going to board that ship and take it out from the inside” scenario, where you will then recover alien technology for Halsey to reverse engineer and re-adapt for military/ Spartan programs and possibly even getting prototype shields toward the end of the game. How fun would that be? It wouldn’t be the typical Master Chief voice, either. It will be a younger Chief, with far less smoker’s lung syndrome(LOL). Just how did Chief suddenly get that voice? I’ll pretend he took a covenant plasma pistol charge to the throat and had to have reconstructive surgery.