What I'd like to see in the next Halo game.

Okay well I’m pretty sure a new Halo game is inevitable, otherwise why would they make 343i eh? Well here’s just a list of what I would like to see along with some things I would not like to see.


  • Halo tells a good Sci-Fi story, although there really hasn’t been a game where people, or at least people I’ve talked to, have really been moved emotionally, be a Halo game. The closest I would say is Halo 3 in terms of playing emotion. In order to do this properly there needs to be character development in the story, every character seems to be the same for the most part.

  • Longer campaigns. You can’t tell a proper story if it’s rushed… and video game stories… seemed often rushed to me, games that draw out their story seem to have more success in the long run anyways. Longer story adds: time for character development, more time to develop plot and explain some back story. That’s just a few examples, there are more things an elongated story can do, I just don’t wanna type it all.

  • A choice. When the player gets a choice of what to do in a game, whether it be a morality choice, or just simply avoiding a conflict gives the player a bit more immersion into the game, along with a bit of “bonding” with their character.

  • Tone. Setting the tone for a story is key. It has to be constant throughout the story, otherwise it doesn’t work. Reach is an example of it. All Bungie was talking about was having this dark tone, a sense of sacrifice, blah blah blah… Don’t get me wrong I was all for it, it just fell apart though. Reach to me, didn’t seem so Dark to me… It’s hard to top the Flood, that was something truly dark. Basically whoever makes the next Halo needs to make sure their overlying theme/tone is always lingering in the story, so that we just don’t feel it, we won’t forget it.

  • Kinect. Now, I know Kinect isn’t that great of a motion device, although if it has the functions like it did when I saw testing footage of it (do you remember that whole program Lionhead made? Milo.) then I think that’d be a great thing to implement into Halo. When I saw it Kinect had the ability to recognize what you were saying and then have your Xbox do it for you. This would be a great way to issue squad commands, whether it’s telling your team to focus on a certain enemy, telling them what weapon to use, etc.


  • Weapons, they need to be balanced… oh so balanced. I mean there seems to be just a particular set of weapons people stick to, because they don’t suck. Every gun needs to be good for something, try to have everything on the same level of usefulness! Also Halo used to be a game of unique weapons, like the Needler. We need more unique weapons, possibly even upgrades for current weapons.

  • Player Customization. The customization in Reach was nice, but it felt unfinished. There were sections were it just felt lacking, there’s a million helmets and shoulders, but four knee guards? What’s up with that. The coloring systems, I personally don’t like a bunch of preset colors… there should be a color wheel. It adds a whole other layer to customization. Also assigning colors to individual parts sounds excellent. Possibly even a free hand too? Whether it’s for an emblem or you can paint some funny designs on your armor, it sounds pretty fun. Also I thought would be cool, would be to customize your HUD, possibly moving around everything to adding and removing some things.

  • Try to keep armor, there isn’t an armor piece out there that everyone hates, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Possibly instead of having a set number of variants to a particular piece, why not have all the variants be available to all pieces where they fit.


  • Possibly add objectives/scenarios to firefight?

  • Support up to 8 players


  • Be able to Forge on Firefight maps

  • Try to get rid of that budget thing or at least make it more efficient.

  • Be able to change weather, time of day, terrain

  • More Scenery, possibly putting a cinematic in the sky? Like have a Covenant Carrier fighting a UNSC Frigate?

  • Ammo drops

  • Be able to alter weapon/vehicle damages/speed

  • Be able to place any object on any map… I hate when a map doesn’t have a vehicle or scenery that you need. It would help a great deal for whoever makes Machinima

  • Being able to add NPCs like ODSTs or grunts or just everything!

Well that’s about it I have more, but I got tired of typing, and I got the important things up there.
What do you think?