What I'd like to see in Memories of Reach DLC

So here is basically my reasons and points from least wanted to most wanted to return from Halo Reach into Halo 5 after reading, comment below what you most want to see and whether you can agree with my list. :slight_smile: Keep it friendly!

  1. Infection (If not released sooner, Infection was the very game type that Made Halo Reach Lively and awesome for thousands of Custom Game types.)

  2. Map Remakes (ONI Sword Base was one of my most favorite maps on Halo Reach. I’d also like to see the DLC maps return! I rarely got to play on any DLC maps cause nobody ever had them, so the small but few memories I have of them returning would be one of the best things ever. Especially the feeling those maps gave.)

  3. Grenade Launcher (Trust me, when Halo 5 is missing the Sticky Detonator, We definitely need this, Being able to take out enemies around the corner that are camping? This definitely would prevent that, also give a new perspective on the game and it’s Strategies.)

  4. Race Game type (I was a Halo tracker back in that day, Seeing Race return would be awesome! Race was definitely fun, and something I had a lot of memories with. Especially with Halotracks.org)

  5. Invasion (I know this one wouldn’t most likely be in it, but since it was one of the best modes, maybe something along the lines of War zone Invasion? Now that would be cool)

  6. All Reach Spartan Armor Customization! (Because why not, Halo 5 have all the others)

  7. Original Forge maps with Original pieces! (This would allow forgers to go back into memory lane as the forge with what was originally Halo Reach’s Forge. This would be an amazing edition and add on to the forge complexity that Halo 5 has.

  8. Falcon Bird (This thing was one of the best UNSC air vehicles and if 343 doesn’t bring the Hornet back, then at least the Falcon should come back here. The Falcon really added onto the Strategies of Halo. Retiring 3 people to operate, and coordinating. This thing just looks amazing in the air, and is one of the most loved Vehicles. Version like in the Campaign of Reach Returning would be awsome!)

  9. The Original File System (It’s been missing in Halo 5, and since Halo Reach had this, a lot of mems would come back if Halo 5’s file system was designed like Reach’s. I don’t really need to explain this, but you all know why. In memories of the File System)

  10. Sangheili and their Armor Customization (Now there is a reason I put this first, because it inst my most desired from Reach, but I put it first because Halo 5 lacks thereof Elites despite having them with you in the campaign and 343 featuring them. Halo Reach Styled Elites as playable would bring thousands of memories back, Especially for me. My memories of BLC which was my clan that was for sangheili’s and friends. Not to mention millions want Elites back. Elites have been Iconic to Halo since Halo 2, and they where a huge part of Halo Reach. Memories of what the Arbiter did to reach would forever remain if the Sangheili return to Halo 5. Also to mention that they would suit everything else in this list ranging something to use the covenant weapons. During Infection elites was often used, especially for Zombie type machinima’s and other various of things. Bringing Elites back in this update would fill thousands of memories we all had. Especially if 343 used this to bring back Elite Slayer. Not only that with Elites the Game type Invasion could return which we all had several memories playing and even longed to see return. This would also open the door to War zone Invasion. Which would be super cool!. There are many more reasons for elites, but there are just too many to list them all. I’ll let you speculate.)

So did you agree with my list? What is your top wanted things?

Not asking from much are you?
At best we’re probably going to see;

  • Kat, Jeorge, Emile and Jun’s armour. - Infection gametype. - Torque remix, plus an arena remake from Reach. - A couple of forged BTB maps remakes from Reach. - Falcon vehicle added. - Grenade Launcher, Reach AR and Plasma Rifle added. - Bunch or REQs, like Reach themed emblems and such.

Did you not see the trailer?
Infection and at least four types of Noble armor are in the update already!

Keeping it completely realistic, here is what I think and expect to be in the Memories of Reach Update:

  • Noble Team Armors as seen in Infection Trailer. - Infection Gametype (potentially Race Gametype, though I would wager that will come with the Hog Wild Update). - Forge World Canvas, which if you recall they said they were initially going to have with Forge’s launch. - New Warzone Map, hopefully based around the map Spire from Reach. - Addition of the Falcon and probably an ONI Variant at the least. - A remake or re-imagining of a classic Reach arena map. I’m hoping for Sword Base. - File Browser/ File Share System, hopefully mimicking Reach’s.I hope to see the addition of new REQ weapons as well. Would be an opportune time to implement the new variants of Magnums that people have been asking for.
    Any new Forge content would also be welcome, specifically pieces that would have previously been under the “Buildings” category, since they quite often contained effective and quick designs/geometry to build up and improve maps.

They will reveal some of the stuff in the Community Update tonight (if they’re doing one).

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> They will reveal some of the stuff in the Community Update tonight (if they’re doing one).

No Community Update this week, Bravo tweeted today

The only ones I actually see happening are map remakes, forge world and falcon. I would guess that race will come in the hog wild update

Imagine a ground proud from the spire!

in all honesty my #1 thing to want to come back would be Invasion. I have most of my memories there.

I wonder if 343 will try to add anything that was from the Halo Animation The Return.

> 2533274867552438;9:
> in all honesty my #1 thing to want to come back would be Invasion. I have most of my memories there.
> I wonder if 343 will try to add anything that was from the Halo Animation The Return.

Invasion was my favorite too but since we don’t have playable Elites, its not going to happen. Besides, thematically, Warzone Assault is pretty similar. If I were a betting man, I’d say that we’re going to get a remake of Spire or Boneyard as our Warzone Map and that will pair nicely with the addition of the Falcon.