What I'd Like to see from Halo 5's Customization

Ever since Halo 3, we’ve had huge amounts of choice in our Spartan’s appearance. This was expanded greatly in Halo: Reach and Halo 4. With each new game we are all thinking, “MOAR CUSTOMIZATION! MOAR CUSTOMIZATION!!” For quite a while I’ve been thinking of customization ideas that I wish I had, and I’m hopeful that some of them will come to Halo 5. I’ll put them in list form for the sake of convenience:

-Wear and tear: How battle worn your armor is. You could change the general state of your armor on a scale of New Lamborghini to a 1980’s economy car on Craigslist. You could add specific damage details to the armor such as cracks, dents, bullet impacts, burns, and so on.

-Universal armor skins: Instead of Halo 4’s system of having armor pieces with skinned variants, we should be able to use skins that will apply to all armor pieces. Each individual armor piece should be able to have a separate skin applied to it as well. There should also be a wider variety of skins to choose from, including things like stripes, more artistic designs, and possibly more miscellaneous ones like the shark teeth skin from the Halo 4 Assault Rifle.

-Armor attachments: Communication equipment, pouches, grenade belts, backpacks, medkits, you name it. These add a more military look to the Spartans. This can also include cloaks like Destiny’s Guardians or Master Chief in the E3 teaser. It can also include less serious things like dream catchers and fuzzy dice hanging from your armor.

-Customizable Spartan voices: The ability to choose between different voices for your Spartan. Each gender would have an entire spectrum of accents. You could sound Australian, Russian, or basically any other common accent. This would make Spartan Chatter much less repetitive.

-Customizable Intro/Winning animations: Each player should be able to choose their own animations, or at least style of animations. This way it’s different every game with different combinations of players’ animations. And these don’t have to be overly serious, either. My Spartan should be able to air guitar his heart out if I want him too. On the other hand, a more serious player could pick a more serious animation, and have plenty in between.

Now, it’s highly doubtful that some or all of these will make it into the game, and that’s okay. A man can only dream. If you have any ideas, feel free to discuss them here.