What I'd like to see for a UI/Menu Overhaul in Infinite.

As the title states, this is my idea for what a Complete Overhaul of the UI and menus for Halo infinite could look like, as I feel it would be a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the current UI. After all, we all know the UI in infinite can’t handle a slight breeze, let alone a brute fart.

I’ve been work shopping this idea for a while, and seeing HiddenXperia’s video that came out earlier today, inspired me to share it here to hear what others think.

If you have any ideas or improvements you’d like to see, feel free to add to comment, or if you disagree with anything I’ve proposed here, let me know.

-Main Menu-

Player spartan standing at a tac-table hands pressed down on the side of it. When pressing start or A, the camera zooms in on the tac table bringing up the menus:

[Campaign] [Multiplayer] [customization] [shop]

In the top right hand corner would be a small window like present, that would tell you your current battle pass selected and it’s tier. Clicking (Y) would pull up the current screen for viewing challenges and the battle pass, for you to scroll through like normally done now. This will be present under all menu options.

-Switching to Campaign-

The tac table changes to display a dot reading “Chief’s last known location”

-Clicking it brings up a ‘lobby’ showing your fireteam list on the upper right hand side of the screen, and a drop down menu on the left:

[Continue campaign from last save? (Y)/(N)]

  • Shows the current mission, and difficulty next to it.

[Mission select]

  • upon clicking brings up a list of all available missions, and upon choosing one, brings up a difficulty selector and finally a play button.

[Load Campaign]

  • Brings up 1-3 active campaign saves.

[New campaign]

  • Brings up the options to select a campaign save slot, select difficulty, and then play.

[skulls 0/12 active]

  • Lets the player choose to activate any number of skulls to further modify the difficulty of the campaign.

-Switching to Multiplayer-

This brings us to a display on the tac table showing a security cam style window showing the current matchmaking idle screen where the player spartan is standing near a pelican waiting to board, but with no spartan(s) present unless in an active fireteam (I.E. you have a fireteam ready and you’re switching to campaign to play co-op campaign.

-Clicking it brings you to the current multiplayer screen, but with your spartan now present:

if other spartans join your fireteam, they appear here along with your spartan.

On the left hand side of the screen there is a drop down mode selector, allowing you to choose between:


  • Going into Matchmaking brings up a MCC style mode selector with all of the filter options that MCC has.

[Custom Games]

  • Going into Custom Games brings up the current Custom Games screen.


  • Going into Forge Brings up the current Forge screen.

-If you press play while your fireteam is too large for the selected playlist, the other Spartans in your fireteam will visibly react with hands going up like they’re going “Wtf”-(Not essential, but a fun little easter egg).


  • Going into Theater brings up the current Theater screen.


  • Going into the Community brings up the current Community tab showing recommended content, and allowing you to search for specific content from the community.

-Switching to Customization menu-

Brings up an image on the tac table showing an armor station.

Clicking it brings up a little message from your Dumb AI saying “Scheduling Technician now” while transfering away from the tac table, showing the following:

Player spartan walks into the armor hall, and steps into an armor station, with other generic spartans in the background with service techs attending them.

A list appears on the far left hand side of the screen with options of what part of your armor you’d like to modify.

A brief summary of how this would would is as follows:

Armor core: Shows present core equipped in text and the spartan model in the armor station on the right hand side of the screen. When clicked it brings up a drop down menu showing all available cores via text to choose from and hovering over one changes what the player spartan on the right is showing. The spartan on the right would actively change to display whatever is presently being hovered over in the menus.

Below armor core would be a list of armor parts to modify, showing the presently equipped armor.

Below is a example of how the menu would look:

[Armor Core]: Mark VII

[Armor coating]: Cadet Grey

[Helmet]: Mark V(Z)

[Right Shoulder]: Mark V

[Wrist Attachment]: Tac SRT UGPS

[Hip attachment]: Soft Case

[Knee Armor]: UA Type GR

[prosthetics]: | LA: None | RA: None |LL: None | RL: None |

-(LA, LL, RA, RL, = Left arm, Left Leg, ect.)


    • Under extras it would bring you to a different drop down menu, on the left, and it would display the the available options to the right in a grid formation,
  • Within this menu it would let you select your AI Model, AI color, Spartan body size, Spartan voice, Armor Emblem, Nameplate, Armor Effect, Weapon/Kill Effect, Weapon and Vehicle Coatings and the like.

It would look something like this:

[AI Model] : Butler

[AI Color] : Blue

[Spartan body size] : 1

[Spartan Voice]

[Armor Emblem]: Six | 6

[Nameplate] : Default

[Armor Effect] : None

[Mythic Effect] : None

[Kill Effect] : Grunt Birthday Party

[Weapon Coatings] : A menu to select current Weapon Coatings.

[Vehicle Coatings] : A menu to select current Vehicle Coatings

-Switching to Store-

Would pull up a tab or window on the tac table showing a small window that reads: ‘Store: Requisitions Orders.’

-Clicking it would pull up a Menu on the left hand side of the window with a drop down menu:

In the drop down menu it would give the following options:

  • [Battle Passes] -Showing the current activated/equipped pass, and upon clicking it brings up a list of all battle passes available to equip and/or purchase.

  • [Featured items] - Showing the present Battle pass, rotating featured bundles, and specials/sale items going on.

  • [Event Items] - Showing items from previous events that are no longer running.

  • [All Items] -Showing every item than has ever appeared in the store available for individual purchase.

  • [Purchase Currency] - Showing the current in game currency you own, and upon selecting it shows the purchase options for curreny packages.

To the right of these menu options would be a grid like store front showing ALL store items present in each category.

-In game-

when pressing the former back button on controller, bring up the Scoreboard with the option to mute players(Including yourself) by pressing Y while hovering over their name.

Then make hot mic the default Microphone setting. Make halo Social again.

*As an aside, I obviously forgot to add in the left shoulder in the armor menu example, and there were a few spelling/grammatical errors. I’d edit it to add that in and fix the errors, but I can’t seem to do that.