What I would change

I know 343i get thousands of messages a day and probably don’t read/respond to them.

I love Halo. I got the Xbox for Halo, I got the 360 for Halo and guess why I got the Xbone for?

Halo 5 is beautiful to look at and sounds amazing, but I have a problem with it and a solution for it.

The AI bots need to be removed.

When playing the other games, if my Master Chief was near to dying I would run away and go back to fight, if I died I would try harder with more anger, not because I would have to try again, but I had let him and myself down.

In H5 if I die three bots who I don’t know or care for come to my rescue.

John 117 would never need this, it was him and Cortana fighting alone, saving the universe.

If the Spartan had something to say, I would sit up and listen to him - it was important, not laying there begging for help.

Can the AI be taken out?

Please bring back the tension of fighting or the fear of dying.