What I wish that could be brought back...

I like the Halo 4’s ranking system. It’s easy, allows the average person preferably with a job, have time to sit and rank up to the top. It allows the customization to flow with currency. It definitely was a good change when brought to Halo: Reach.

And I know it won’t change, and it shouldn’t, but I have to admit that I do like Halo 3’s ranking system, better, and i’m talking about the ranking system before the TrueSkill crap.

It allowed players to really aim for the top and be the best, it put into a category of who you really were.

I mean, when I play for example, I see all these high ranking players in Halo: Reach, everyone’s first instinct is to think, well, he could have a great potential to our team and ultimately achieve success. It then is unfortunate when we see that player, do terrible in the game, but he had no control over what was presented to him. You could spend countless hours within the game, and sit at a high rank, yet, your performance is… well, not as good.

Halo 3 showed that what you were, is what you were. If you were a recruit, who in fact, played the game alot, you still weren’t as a challenge, as the commander, who played the same amount. It really represented who you were, when you are presented within a matchmaking lobby.

I dunno, I just wondered how the community felt about this new change. I wish it was like the old nostalgic Halo 3 ranking, but it’s fine as it is. I mean hell, it brings us more players I guess.

Voice your opinion though, about it, I’d wanna hear feedback about this.