What I want

Number rank - I want to know exactly where I stand, and be happy when I win and pissed when I lose…there’s no excitement anymore or blood pumping at the end of a tight match

Team Doubles, Snipers, and Swat(all ranked)

yes i want a ranking that means something again!!!

there is no way the boltshot should be a 1 shot kill(is the magnum? is the plasma pistol?)…esp. since its a loadout weapon

the rest of everything else is fine, some stuff I like and some I don’t, but I can deal with it…just give me what I ask for(which should already be there) and I will find it hard to put the controller down…right now, if I don’t play, I could care less

and have a “social” playlist for those who think xp ranking means something

HERE HERE ! I am tired of Crazy Fiesta playlists, give us competitive SKILL RANKED playlists.

support the “official 1-50 rank” thread found in the matchmaking sub forum. Its the main gathering for this discussion and every supporter of the 1-50 (visible in game) should be in that thread!