I personally love change. If it’s good. That’s probably why the ‘nostalgia’ fans want that Halo 4 will be more or less a Halo 3.5. Because they are afraid it will suck if it isn’t. Actually, I find that whole idea pretty dumb. Most people of the Halo community hate on COD because it’s almost the same everytime. Yet the ‘nostalgia comminuty’ wants Halo 4 to be like Halo 2 & 3. Don’t get me wrong, I personally hate COD, and I love Halo :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am going to write some things I would/would not like to see in Halo 4:


Make it long, make it so I can play it 15 more times to discover new things. Halo: Reach had those Data Pads, ODST had Audio logs, and Halo 3 had Skulls. I suggest 343i should make a new thing. Make the storyline big, but if you do; don’t make the campaign only 10 missions :slight_smile:


I like the fact that the BR has made its return, and maybe some other weapons will to. But I would also like to see, let’s say, 5 new/altered weapons. I know they said there will be alot of weapons in Halo 4, but that could also be just some of the older Halos.
Maybe they will also create a new grenade? I like that bloom will not be in Halo 4, it only made the battles slower. It wasn’t more fun, nor more skilled.

Armour Abilities:

I know they are going to return. Sprint is confirmed, jetpack is most lickely also confirmed. Bubble shield is removed, about the others no information. I actually thought bubble shield was one of the better AA, only armourlock was a disaster. I don’t dislike AA, I just hope 343i alters jetpack, armourlock and sprint, or just comes up with something new that will not ruin the game.


I want this more or less the same as it was in Halo: Reach. Although in Halo 4 it would be great if the pieces were less grey, grey, grey. Don’t remove the max. amount of 1 thing in forge, make it that you can buy unlimited amount (till your money is empty). Race tracks and maps might be improved with that. And also different maps to forge. The Halo isn’t only water with some rocks, there is probably somewhere on the ring something like a desert or whatever. Would add some nice variation in the maps :slight_smile:


About this subject I don’t really know what to say. We will most likely fight the forerunners (there was a picture saying MC will fight the builders of Halo), so I don’t know about units etc. I hope it will be less repetive like Reach imo. Something completely new would be nice too, like people can MAKE firefight maps. Don’t know how this will turn out, only making suggestion…


From what I’ve seen the multiplayer looks pretty sweet, but we have to wait to really find out. “Perks” in the multiplayer aren’t that bad in my opinion; it will probably be an option to buy a DMR as main weapon, or a BR. Not powerweapons. Spartan IVs are looking badass, I love them. With the remastered sounds I think Halo 4 is going to redeem the Halo series after Reach.

Just my opinion. Disagree? Don’t hesitate and post a reply :wink:

Seeing as this was your first post and thread, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I more or less agree with what you’ve written here. I hope that the campaign is longer than Halo 3’s at least. I remember with Halo 2 there were 15 levels (Including some long cutscenes) which were quite long. It would be nice to have something like that again.

Thanks, yep I’m new here. I see I messed the title up a bit haha. I agree with you though, campaign is an important thing in a game for me.