What I want to be added to Warzone Firefight

The Warzone Firefight Beta has been released and I am loving it! However I feel some things need to be added or changed for the full release. This is a short list of the things I wish to see added:

More time to take out both (legendary) Warden Eternals and the Mythic Warden as every time I have faced them, we never seem to win.
More maps - This is one that will probably happen as one map would get boring.
A bigger variety in bosses - Again, another one that will most likely happen
Custom lobbies for Firefight - Similar to Halo Reach
More Rounds - While 5 rounds is great, it can feel like the game is over too soon.

This was just my opinion after playing a day of Warzone Firefight.
Please leave your thoughts too! :smiley:

  • a1ex51mc

More maps and more bosses is happening when the full thing launches. Custom lobbies will not be happening until they make all of Warzone enabled for customs (don’t hold your breath).

Everything else is up in the air.

I do want them to add higher difficulty and more rounds. Or even a warzone firefight TURBO?

You should post your suggestions in the official thread

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> You should post your suggestions in the official thread

Thanks! I hadn’t actually seen that thread till you said haha! :smiley: