What I want for infection

Now, before we start, I AM NEW, so if this has been posted before, my apologies.

Now, this came to me when I was playing far cry for the original xbox, they had this game mode like infection, where the infected kill the living, and yaddi yaddi ya. But, the thing was, whenever an infected killed a living the infected would be turned zombie like, he would LOOK like a zombie, instead of just change teams, now, what if 343 did this? what if they made it so whoever is a zombie looks like an actual zombie (flood in this case). You know, maybe put some flood parts here and there, and all that good stuff.
It would also be neat if they made it so the zombies didn’t use guns, but their arms to smack people? I think that would make infection a whole new experience, but that just me.

What you guys think?