What I think would fix the battepass

Ok. The battlepass exists and it’s most likely is here to stay, forever. However, it can be improved.

One ways to improve it is by adding in different ways to get XP.
For Example:

  • +50 XP for playing a match
  • +10-50 XP per kill
  • +25 XP for melee kill
  • +50 XP for headshot kill
  • +100-500 XP for winning the match
  • +100 XP for being top 3 of the leaderboard of that match
  • +100 for vehicle kill (if it has any players inside of them)

Now, that was some examples of rewarding the players for playing the match and doing well. You are guaranteed 50 XP for simply being in a match. The rest of the XP can be gained by playing the game.

Now, another way to solve the problem is to make the battlepass completely free, but you must buy Halo Infinite campaign to play the multiplayer. Then, the battlepass can take a Halo MCC approach.

What do you all think?

Personally think some of that is too high. Should be rewards for playing well, but people will complete battle pass in a week/month if set too high and lose any Will to continue if reach level 100 so quickly.

50xp per game.

  • 25xp for a win
    +10% of score to encourage objectives would be maximum I’d suggest

I think your xp totals are far too high. You’d max out for the season very quickly. Suppose it boils down to how fast do we want to finish the battle pass. Because they’d have to increase gap between levels to accommodate at which point it’s still just as slow as it was before but now with more bells and whistles to simulate progression through gameplay.

I think people’s main issue with it being slow are misguided, they aren’t factoring in the fact it doesn’t slow down at any point because the start feels so slow. They are looking at it from perspective of other games that you can go up 20 levels day one, but then it gets progressively slower. I’d much rather have steady progress than this, but I guess not everyone agrees.

In terms of progressing just by playing, I think there is something that needs to be done for those that don’t wish to seek out challenges. I agree for those that don’t do challenges, progression is extremely slow. You need to complete 2,000 games to finish the battle pass which is a lot of games if people are really not touching may of their challenges.

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I see. I only had the numbers there to simply have them there. The numbers can always be adjusted fairly. I only want there to be a system that rewards people for playing, not just for being in a match. Be rewarded for kills, objective plays and things like that.

However, the numbers I placed are truly too high, so if they were to add this in, they would need to fairly adjust the XP gain for such actions.