What I think the ONI card is

I have had the most top scientists, theorists, and all the ciphers work on this day and night, trying to figure what this card is. And today, we might have a proper lead on what the card contains. We all thought it was a Falcon, a grenade launcher, a scarab, but we were wrong. Because someone smacked a file on the table with words on it saying.

“for 343’s employees eyes only”

We have no idea how the guy got it but due to the amount of Nerf bullets sticking out of him, we took his word for it. We all gathered round the table and I was brave enough to open the folder, we cannot believe our eyes, what the ONI card contained was:

The Salad BR skin.

jokes aside, personally if it is a Falcon I’m going to be disappointed because the rarity is Legendary. I mean sure it’s a Falcon, but I mean it’s not that rare…


it shouldnt be… its an economic alternative to the pelican. so it would be about the same as a scorpion or banshee which would make it rare.

Its going to be an MA5B that fires NERF!™ Darts that heal the enemy :slight_smile:
JK it better be the Falcon gunship with the nose-gun…


> 2535457390331085;4:
> I think it is a phaeton variant

see my 20ish post about the subject xD
if you’re not yet convinced: compare this to thisThou i theorize it is a placeholder, it wouldnt make sense at all for a pheaton in this upate, to be blacked out by oni…

My guess is Target Locator. ONI stuff if I remember right from Reach.

I Figured it out, I know what it is. Its another ßlue Visor. =D

> 2535418581509384;7:
> I Figured it out, I know what it is. Its another ßlue Visor. =D

That says

Sslue Visor


Ok guys, let’s be serious for a second, it’s clearly gonna be the salad skin forklift, what else could it possibly be?