What I think of multiplayer flight

Good gameplay, terrible progression system… Limiting players earning xp to only completing challenges and not giving any for winning matches or getting kills is a horrible design decision. Forces players to have to play the game the way these challenges dictate otherwise they’ll be finishing games and earning 0xp, even if they just won the match and got mvp with the most kills.

I get because you decided to make the game f2p you need to monetise the multiplayer in ways but leave it the hell away from the progression system… don’t force these ‘challenge swaps’ on players which can only be bought with irl money…

Weapon wise I only mainly have gripes with the grav hammer and sniper. The hammer just takes that little bit too long to swing and the fire rate on the sniper combined with the bloom just make it feel -Yoink-.

There was also a bug where if you started this flight at the max level of the last flight (lvl 20) the battlepass would say you have unlocked items at these lower levels that weren’t there last flight and when you go to equip them they will remain locked as they technically never unlocked.