What I think of Halo 4 so far . .

From all of the stuff that is known about Halo 4 so far . . It seems like 343 is growing the Halo sandbox in a good way, I hope 343 still has sandbox things that we haven’t seen yet (Stuff like new vehicles and weapons)

Here is a small list of more things that I have thought of Halo 4 so far . .

  1. I think that Halo 4 is going to be a truly fresh Halo exp and not just Reach 2.0 . .

  2. I think that the new Halo trilogy will have a very nice start with Halo 4, I hope that the trilogy turns out to have some of the ideas that I have about what could happen.

  3. I haven’t really posted much of what I thought would happen, but if things turn out to be a war between Human’s and Precursor’s then that would be a truly epic trilogy.

  4. I think that Multiplayer will be fun and have a lot of replay value, the Specialazations I think will make being a high rank a lot more fun then in previous Halo games.

  5. I think and hope that Spartan Op’s will be more of a objective type game, rather then just Firefight with a story.

These are the 5 main thing’s I have put together from all of the stuff that is known about Halo 4 . . Does anyone else think that these 5 things can be said about Halo 4 ?

I’m really wondering what people will say about the 5 things I have listed.

ps Sorry for any typos, the device I’m using to make this post doesn’t have spell check . . =(