What I think Master Chief should look like In Halo CEA

This i an amazing picture By an incredible artist of a Mark V Master Chief rendition.MCPO John-117 by ~TDSpiral . TDSpiral Is awesome for this and his other drawings. If I could choose right now how I would want the updated version of Master Chief to look I would choose this one hands down. Any thoughts community?

343 If you can change anything in reach make the Mark V shoulder pads fit like this.

You may not realize this, but that is just the Mark V armor from Reach, which in the end, doesn’t really look like the actual Mark V. The Mark V in CE:A looks exactly like it did 10 years ago (although more shinier and detailed.)

The shoulders look horrible(in game and thus look horrible in his drawin). The only thing I wish they would use is something similar to the chest. Also some paint chipping and dirt around the shins would be nice.

They look way better than they do in game. They don’t look taped on anymore.

Here’s some screencaps of the new OXM magazine. Look at 0:10 into the video, that’s what the final version of Chief looks like - extremely faithful to the original, yet very fresh and oh so sexxxxxxxyyyyyy. If you get the whole issue, there’s a -Yoink- ton of new info on CEA and 4.

I don’t know how much I like it. I guess I have to just see it. In some of the pics it looked good but other he looked kinda chunky. Like me if I wore the suit.